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    Does anyone have a EUR eboot 3.55 for Armored Core V? or any valid links to download it, the ones I have searched are all dead.
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    Hi guys,

    Does anyone have any DLC for darksiders 2, GT5, RE6?


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    To rodweygantjr

    Try this one:

    This is the Armored.Core.V.EBOOT.Patch.101.EUR.PS3-N0DRM
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    Thank you Very much, you rock!

    anyone have a zen pinball 2 patch fix? I already have the pkg but it did not include a fix pkg

    Quote Originally Posted by OseM View Post
    Try this one:

    This is the Armored.Core.V.EBOOT.Patch.101.EUR.PS3-N0DRM
    after testing it, I had no luck, it still said error: 80010009
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    Anyone have Battleship working well? I test the fix that i get in this site and i had no luck only black screen.

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    Important !! change file in internal disk game folder like: dev_hdd0/game/BLUS30838/ (not games)

    How do you do that?

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    You have to use Multiman's File Manager to put the files in dev_hdd0/game/BLUS30838/ , that i the folder where the game get installed in the PS3, as opposed to the GAMES folders, where the game's BD files reside.

    Just as in a PC. you find the files you want to copy, press circle and choose 'Copy' ... then go to dev_hdd0/game/BLUS30838/ press circle and choose 'Paste'

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    Hitman: Absolution BLES01403 Online Pass And DLC

    Tested and Working on 4.30CFW

    I don't know whom to give credits to.

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    does anyone have 3.55 fix and dlc fix for hatsune miku project diva dreamy theatre extend? cause this link seems out of commision

    and this fix i dont know password
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    where did you get the links? Some times the password is the name of the site or user that published the file

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