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  1. #7291
    galhego10 Guest
    Stansmith can you give me a better explantion ? trying to fix a game. Donīt know how to contact you.

    trying to fix Rugby League Live 2 to 3.55 , can anybody give me a slight help ? cheers

    I need also to edit the PARAM.SFO file as well ? I can send Eboot and Param.SFO if someone can help me

  2. #7292
    Shrink0 Guest
    sound shapes edat ? anyone ? or patch 1.2 fixed on 3.55 that doesn't take away the license ?

    i tried to fix it myself but my license is gone now ...

  3. #7293
    p3n3 Guest
    Support save games?

  4. #7294
    galhego10 Guest
    Someone can fix to 3.55 Rugby League Live 2 or NBA 2k13?

  5. #7295
    Neo2003 Guest

    Far Cry 3 - 1.02 Fixed Patch - 3.55 kmeaw

    Can anyone post the 1.02 fixed patch for this game? For the duplex version...

    Many thanks

    Bye men

  6. #7296
    kombat75 Guest
    Anyone download the AC3 Duplex version then the crack by duplex and copy over the eboot and param.sfo does it work ?

    I download AC3 Duplex and Calendstine Version and copy the duplex crack over it DOESN'T WORK.. It goes back to xmb anyone got any idea why ??

    Search all pages but didn't manage to get it working version.


  7. #7297
    kakarotoman Guest
    Please eboot fix for shin hokuto musou 4.31, tried fix used ps3 trueancestor self resigner v1.85 can play but can't save.

  8. #7298
    nenele84 Guest
    it worked for me: http://www.putlocker.com/file/AB4F35AF380F04B5

    bdmirror in Multiman

  9. #7299
    eljigantie Guest
    Sin or sins? caps? Merry christmas

  10. #7300
    galhego10 Guest
    can you please 3.55 fix rugby league live 2 and NBA 2K13? cheers

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