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    There is another website to download the first link?
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    One question, do the duplex patches work with the EU versions of the games too ?

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    Most Duplex releases are .PKG files which make you play the game from the XMB, if you want to see what version a patch works with just read the NFO file.

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    Is it possible that they will crack the AC brotherhood da vinci dlc ???

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    Yes it is possible, but we don't know if it will ever get fixed.

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    SKYRIM!!! like this post if you want this fixed next! i know i do

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    No Thanks

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    well GFY. go play some more cawadoody and come back when you know what real games are.

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    Has someone managed to get Resident evil 4 hd working on 3.41? I get install error.

    Tried some of the others like Final fantasy 7 and Resident evil 1 and they install just fine.

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    You can rename .pkg. But you cannot rename the .edat files.

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