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    Also from Moosetrack: BLUS30847 -[Metal Gear Solid HD Collection]

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    From bdrom:

    Red Dead Redemption GOTY - (BLES01294)

    BATTLEFIELD 3 - BLES01275 [V1.08] - FIXED 3.55

    Borderlands 2 - BLUS30982 [V1.03] - FIX 3.55

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    Thank You..

    Also from opoisso893:

    Ratchet & Clank BCES01594 update 1.02 fix (3.41/3.55):

    You need to install official update 1.02 before:

    RESIDENT EVIL 6 BLUS30855 update 1.03 fix (3.41/3.55):

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    To anyone intersted ... I have just tried Sports Champions 2 fix on 3.55 Kmeaw (external, no BD Mirror, disc inside) and it works like a charm!

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    Need for Speed - Most Wanted (BLUS31010) 1.02 Update Fix & DLCs for CFW3.55

    1) Delete Old update 1.01 then Download & Install this First (Officiel Update 540Mb):
    2) Install Fix for the Officiel Update (20Mb) & Install DLCs
    3) Enjoy

    This RAR contain:
    -1.02 Update Fix (20 Mb) By Opoisso893
    -Online PASS & DLC Unlocker PKG by DUPLEX
    -Ultimate Speed Pack PKG by DUPLEX

    Special Thanks to DUPLEX Team & Opoisso893 & PS3News

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    hi there, the crack for oddworld hd doesn't work for me it still asks to update to update to 4.20. anybody have the same? or an proper fix for 3.55?

    cheers from holland

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    Quote Originally Posted by BBoy Chrif View Post
    Need for Speed - Most Wanted (BLUS31010) 1.02 Update Fix & DLCs for CFW3.55
    Confirmed working by myself and so I've added it to the sticky.

    Thanks for sharing the link BBoy Chrif and thanks for DUPLEX Team + Opoisso893 for their work

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    plz sir help me with fix for Ryu_ga_Gotoku_5_Yume_Kanaeshi_Mono_JPN (BLJM60489) plz CFW 3.55

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    Does anyone know of a way to unlock kombat pass for mortal kombat komplete edition BLES01508 ?

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    Does anyone have links to Eyepet Move Edition? Just got a Move Kit and would love to try that out. Thanks

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