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  1. #7251
    rc4evr Guest
    BLES01500 [Absolute Supercars]

    3.41/3.55 Fix Confirmed Working:

    I personally tested the fix off external with a game disc inserted, but other methods might also work.

    Credit goes to the DarkEbootFixer app for making the fix easy. The link is courtesy of yours truly.

    -note to MOD: Please sticky the fix when convenient, thanks!

  2. #7252
    Tombless Guest
    Any update about GTA: San Andreas PSN? I'm on 4.30 Rogero v1.01 I think!

  3. #7253
    Ecina Guest

    Thanks for sharing the fix, I have added it to the sticky as requested

  4. #7254
    cormoran Guest
    hey guys!

    is there any dlc for gran turismo 5?

  5. #7255
    chromedome13 Guest
    Any Newz on Lego LOTR and Sonic All Star Racing and most importantly SKYLANDERS GIANTS.... Thanks Guyz

  6. #7256
    eljigantie Guest
    And lbpk if its not too much trouble for 3.55 cheers


  7. #7257
    rc4evr Guest
    Skylanders Giants EBOOT PATCH EUR CRAZE E 1

    It's on the sticky page, right where you should've look before posting a question. You still need the USB Portal of Power, that's why I gave up on it. I actually had the game working up until the point where it wants it connected.

  8. #7258
    daivyphuong Guest
    Counter Strike Global Offensive FW 4.30 (Online or Offline with BOT)



    how to play?? (You can play online or Offline with Bot)

    1) download reactpsn 2.23
    2) copy folder exdata to usb Format Fat32
    3) create new Acc with name AA
    4) plug in usb and run reactpsn 2.23
    5) play

  9. #7259
    chromedome13 Guest

    Resident Evil 6 - Update v1.03 - Fixed - BLES01465 [3.55]

    rc4ver... i tried this one... Skylanders Giants EBOOT PATCH EUR CRAZE E 1.. it doesn't work.. thats why I asked... I have the portal of Power.. but the game just goes blank and halts... the internal drive flashes and then dies.... is there something i'm missing...

    Resident evil 6 1.03 fix is also out from apollo18:

    official patch: http://b0.ww.np.dl.playstation.net/t...3-V0100-PE.pkg
    fix: http://www.sendspace.com/file/ylm411 / http://www.putlocker.com/file/9840DF9D51BBC9DB

    This update have new features:

    1- Far camera mode like RE5 can be enable in options menu.
    2- New difficulty "No Hope"
    3- Ada campaign can be played from the start

    Also from bdrom:

    Mass Effect 2 - BLUS30650 - V1.04 - FIXED - 3.55

    Mass Effect 3 - BLUS30853 - v1.07 - FIXED - 3.55

    Max Payne 3 - BLES00942 - v1.07 - FIX - 3.55

  10. #7260
    rc4evr Guest
    From his craze1's own NFO: "Tested & working with EUR version BLES01272 on CFW 3.55 KMEAW"

    Try booting off external w/bd-mirror enabled. Always start with a CLEAN install- delete any old game data and/or residual files, especially if you've tried other fixes and failed. If none of that stuff gets it working, I really don't know what else you can try? Maybe fix permissions? Good luck.

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