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    Mar 2011
    Are you using the Duplex version... There is Fix or patch for this walking dead did you try and using the fix ?? I try the duplex fix or patch doesn't work didn't know why getting same error with you...

    But saw there is fix on episode 1 and 2 by PropoJoe ... You can try that...

    Quote Originally Posted by rc4evr View Post
    BLES01682 [Way of the Samurai 4]
    That coool... Been looking for this fix and all fix i have didn't work.. Will try this fix and feedback if it working..

    Will wait for 1mins to get it load and installing the data to HDD...

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    Oct 2006

    Thanks again for sharing the links to fixes for Way of the Samurai and also Cabela's Hunting Expeditions. I have added them to the sticky as requested

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    Oct 2010
    Great uploads rc4evr! I still remember the Way of the Samurai for the PS2 ... great (and hard as hell) game

    Darn Ecina ... you always two steps ahead! hahaha


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    Mar 2011
    Anyone tested Way of The Samurai 4 to get it work.. NO luck for me

    Copy over the Eboot and Param.SFo still blank screen Wait 1 mins and restart still no luck Try to wait for 2 mins still the same.

    Need to do hard reset to exit games and PS Button didn't work. Start games with Select + X and without Select button still the same. With BD Mirror and without aslo same blank screen..

    Btw yohansetiawan , you got Samurai 4 games to work ?

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    Sorry about your bad luck. My installation was from a "clean" beginning. You said previously you tried other fixes with no luck, so make sure there isn't any residual files anywhere and start clean.

    If that doesn't work, you're probably not implementing a necessary parameter or not following a certain step. Have you tried bimbam's fix?

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    Quote Originally Posted by kombat75 View Post
    Anyone tested Way of The Samurai 4 to get it work.. NO luck for me
    It works fine, but I used the patch from long time ago.

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    Mar 2011
    I try again 1 more time.. will delete all data and files of Way of Samurai 4 and install again fresh from unrar files and copy the patch
    and see if any issue... If still can't play then my ps3 set sucks

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    BLES01765 Dark Souls Prepare To Die Edition Patch 1.07 Fixed For 3.55:

    Download Link:


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    Mass Effect Trilogy PS3-VIMTO



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    Mass_Effect_Trilogy_PS3-VIMTO (31GB)

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