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  1. #7181
    manolitorr Guest
    no news about save roblem in battle star royale?

  2. #7182
    mecoconuts Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by rc4evr View Post
    Thanks for the info, but what about the v1.02 update? The following is from the PS3 Backup Game Compatibility List:

    Mandatory install 1.82 GB. Must install from original disc after putting on hard drive or use the 1.02 update to install w/o original disc.

    BLES or BLUS shouldn't make any difference except for the title's region specific retail patch.
    My 'Working' TRON Evolution is BLUS30457 ....sorry i made a mistake i DID update it to V1.02... and it works !

    It also works either from USB drive or Internal drive...

    I forgot to add... i didn't use an original disk... i think i remember i got it from the torrent sites... the RELOADED version.

  3. #7183
    stingray1059 Guest
    any news on monster hunter 3 hd? is it working on rogero?

  4. #7184
    babyjoe00069 Guest
    monster hunter works on rogero or ermac yes but its in japanese

  5. #7185
    curez Guest
    manolitorr: i don't think so. waiting for it as well.

  6. #7186
    Lando43 Guest
    IS there a 3.55 fix for Super Robot Wars OG2?

  7. #7187
    rc4evr Guest
    BLUS31030 [Cabela's Hunting Expeditions]

    3.41/3.55 Fix Confirmed Working:


    Observed actual gameplay and shot a big deer, although I don't hunt for real. The game was booted off external + bd-mirror enabled, but other settings may also work. This isn't my fix, although I edited the original SFO for 3.41 f/w and put the two together in a rar file.

    I'm not sure who to credit for the eboot, since I found it off a foreign location.

    -note to MOD: Please post the fix link to the Sticky when convenient, thanks!

  8. #7188
    manolitorr Guest
    Fix for tokyo jungle 3.55 not work, still asks for update

  9. #7189
    rc4evr Guest
    BLES01682 [Way of the Samurai 4]

    3.41/3.55 Fix Confirmed Working:


    Actual gameplay was observed after a quite lengthy period of extracting to my external hd and almost as long game-data installation. Go get dinner and/or make a beer run, lol. As usual, external + bd-mirror was used, but other settings could also work.

    -Important Note: I almost gave up on the initial booting process because there wasn't any activity for about a minute and I thought the dreaded "black screen" failure was happening. So I pressed the PS3 button on my controller and at that exact moment, the game's installation process began, so I'm not sure if it was merely an ironic coincidence?

    Credit/thanks go to n3o for the fix and I provided the upload link.

    -note to MOD: Please post this fix up on the Sticky when convenient, thanks!

  10. #7190
    yohansetiawan Guest
    Any fix for the walking dead 80010017 error on kmeaw??

    Quote Originally Posted by digisin View Post
    no need to download the whole package, applying the 1.03-Fix from the Post below starts the game and at least shows Episode 5 as playable. I have to admit, i want to play Ep4 first, so i did not try starting Ep5 yet!
    Thank you

    And from opoisso893:

    WWE13 BLES0199 update 1.01 fix (3.41/3.55): http://depositfiles.com/files/xui4iz0gz

    You need to install official update first: http://b0.ww.np.dl.playstation.net/t...1-V0100-PE.pkg

    Dishonored BLES01675 update 1.02 fix (3.41/3.55): http://depositfiles.com/files/c76a5h9el / http://rghost.net/42019344

    FIFA13 BLES01676 update 1.04 fix (3.41/3.55): http://depositfiles.com/files/69d0u8qpc

    This fix is working with no freeze but in career mode the name of the teams don't show anywhere.

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