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    gusql Guest

    English language files for Tokyo Jungle Japan Caravan Release - BCJS-30069

    Everyone seems to be asking for these so here you go


    these are renamed as the japanese file names so no compatibility issues & can be used with this release

    Tokyo Jungle JPN JB PS3-Caravan + 3.55FIX

    go into data folder / lang / JP
    delete all files in there
    extract both the above rars (they are not linked so both needed to be extracted seperately)
    into the JP folder

    copy to usb, run using multiman, start game from app/home icon not the disk icon! game install as a psn retail package & can then be deleted from the usb drive

    About the translation I tested and it's working with JPN version on 3.55 and 4.30 ext/bd-mirror (should work on ASIA release). That thing about installing from app/home didn't work for me, someone said that made it work with 9.99FW spoofer and bd-mirror, but I don't know if he meant just running the game (which installs like 1,8gb but still needs the game on usb) or actually installing the whole game on internal as a psn retail so I just got too lazy to try again.

    Oh, and you got to play the survival mode to unlock the story. all credit for madmatt30 who posted this in another site.

  2. #7172
    batmanbeyond Guest
    thank you

  3. #7173
    neopico Guest
    Thank you for releasing english file for Tokyo Jungle.

  4. #7174
    mcwan Guest
    i would like to ask something about the aiming issue in far cry 3, is there supposed to be no aiming cross when you press L1? Is the aiming issue when you press L1 and the gun is on the left side of the screen or is no aiming cross when L1 also bug?

    I'm having no aiming cross when pressing L1 but the gun is still in the middle of the screen tho.

  5. #7175
    mecoconuts Guest

    Tron Evolution works on V3.55

    Hi All,

    Just to let you all know Tron Evolution used to black screen on V3.55 but it now works when you download the V1.01 update via Multiman and install the PKG update file...

  6. #7176
    rc4evr Guest
    Thanks for the info, but what about the v1.02 update? The following is from the PS3 Backup Game Compatibility List:

    Mandatory install 1.82 GB. Must install from original disc after putting on hard drive or use the 1.02 update to install w/o original disc.

    BLES or BLUS shouldn't make any difference except for the title's region specific retail patch.

  7. #7177
    shadowsultan Guest
    thanks for all your hard work

  8. #7178
    gusql Guest
    Didn't even check if there was an update, so I really don't know about it. I just put it on usb ext/bd-mirror, installed from original disc and kept using usb to run the game.

    I said before that those english files should work on ASIA release but I guess the name of the files should be changed to match the original ones, like: "act_01_JP" -> "act_01_AS"

    That's an example, I don't know how the files are named.

  9. #7179
    rc4evr Guest
    BLES01138 [Far Cry 3]

    3.55 (Experimental) FIX: http://www.mediafire.com/?4599bxi42mrlsbb

    There are conflicting reports of success with this fix, so test it at your own risk. One unfavorable report was similar to one people were experiencing with that glitched PSN fix put out by Wolverine89.

    If anyone's willing to try it out, please report back with your results and what f/w and parameters were used, thanks!

    -Credit/thanks go to kinholoureiro if it works.

    Also here is a Far Cry 3 [BLES01138] Fix by Nicolas19

  10. #7180
    AsuraG Guest
    Hey does anyone have a copy of the fix for dreamy theater extend that was posted on here about a month ago by niwakun? Link is down, thank you.

    Angry Birds Trilogy BLES01732 update 1.01 fix from opoisso893:


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