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  1. #7151
    overkilln00b93 Guest
    nothing about r&c qforce for 3.55? (bces01594)

    God Of War chains of olympus fix 4.30

    God Of War 2 fix 4.30

  2. #7152
    rc4evr Guest
    You apparently haven't heard of the working PSN (US release is called Full Frontal Assault) put out by propJOE & EXEtrimALL? To my knowledge, the EU QForce release has no working 3.41/3.55 fix yet.

  3. #7153
    Reza0101 Guest
    Anyone can insert Medal of Honor Frontline? I need it.

    thank you

  4. #7154
    hawkY Guest
    Which firmware are you using ? And could you please tell me how exactly did you install the game ?


  5. #7155
    Azrial Guest
    So Far Cry 3 has been released by ANTiDOTE now, which can be installed on an external as it's not in .pkg format, does anybody know if the 3.55 fix would work with that version, as I have very limited room on my internal drive, but loads of space on my externals.

  6. #7156
    Vicmary Guest
    It doesn't matter because the game have an installation of 6.2Gb. I thinks thats the reason that Duplex put out the PSN version

  7. #7157
    catalinnc Guest
    i just tested exetrimall's farcry3 fix and there is no zoom problem if you install in this order (i am on ofw 341):

    exetrimall's fix

  8. #7158
    rc4evr Guest
    I'm on a 3.41 dongle and it's my understanding you need to start with a "clean" install- delete any previous game data or any old files/folders directly related to the previous install and the follow this installation method:

    1) install duplex-far.cry.3-install.part1.pkg
    2) install duplex-far.cry.3-install.part2.pkg
    3) install duplex-far.cry.3.crack.pkg
    4) https://cdn.anonfiles.com/1354110026694.zip

    FAR CRY 3 WORKS 100%, tested on 3.55!

    Good luck!

  9. #7159
    Renold Guest
    The psn usa version works perfectly, too bad for this new way of playing R&C that I don't really like (how I miss the first episodes...).

  10. #7160
    stingray1059 Guest
    still no fix for sonic racing even on rebug or rogero?

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