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    The link in the sticky is not dead. Here is the link, click it and then click the big black "Download" button...

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    Searching for Sonic all stars transformed and pes2013 3.55 fix

    Is there a fix for cfw 3.55 for this Games ?

    Sonic all stars transformed.
    PES 2013.

    Many thanks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sorg View Post
    Here is the fix for Ratchet & Clank: QForce EU (BCES01594).

    EBOOT.BIN, game.self, PARAM.SFO have been signed for FW 3.40, but i'm not sure if it compatible with FW 3.xx. I've tested it only on Rebug 4.21.1 anybody on 3.xx, test it.
    tested of 3.55 waninkoko v 2 hd external black screen after intro

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    then it's for 4.xx only.

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    Quote Originally Posted by developer View Post
    is there a link for PlayStation.All-Stars.Battle.Royale.PS3.V1.01.CFW3.41-3.55-4.21.FiX.rar (36.3 MB) ??
    Is the one you are looking for diferent from the one in the Sticky thread?

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    Quote Originally Posted by lusal View Post
    Yes. NBA 2K13 is playable on the newer firmwares. With 4.21 REX Rebug you can play the game and get updates as well. It's an amazing game. Charles Barkley is finally in the game!

    Have fun.
    thanks, i think i'll look into going into that firmware from 3.55 i'll keep my phat model on 3.55 and most likely update my slim today

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    BLES01707 [Port Royale 3]

    3.41/3.55 Confirmed Working Fix:

    Actual gameplay observed with 3.41 dongle using external + bd-mirror settings. Other parameters may also work. I also edited the SFO for 3.41 or you can let multiMAN do it.

    Credit/thanks go to bimbam & oakhead69!

    -note to MOD: Please add this fix to the Sticky when convenient, thank you.

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    Thanks again for sharing a working fix rc4evr and thanks to bimbam & oakhead69 for the fix itself.

    It's been added to the sticky

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    Confirmed NOT working.

    This patch still has the zoom-in issue...

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    There seems to be conflicting reports about the aiming/zoom-in issue. Some people are saying there's no problems and others like you still have the issue. Hopefully a proper solution will surface soon that works for everybody. The game is playable for me & I'm enjoying it a lot.

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