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  1. #7131
    Ecina Guest
    It's right there in the sticky, scroll down to P...


  2. #7132
    overkilln00b93 Guest
    nothing about Ratchet & Clank qforce fix for 3.55?

  3. #7133
    hilongo Guest
    Yes ... there is a patch for 3.55 incoming and reported working... just wait a couple of days and it will appear and straight to the sticky thread I presume!

    Description goes like this:

    Region: [US] NPUA80642
    Release by: propJOE & EXEtrimALL
    Size: 3.76 GB + 25 MB
    Language: English + others

    Install Guide: Copy edat file to your user-profile on ps3 /dev_hdd0/home/0000000x/exdata/. Install game. Install patch 1.01 fixed for your CFW.

  4. #7134
    a555na Guest
    1) install duplex-far.cry.3-install.part1.pkg
    2) install duplex-far.cry.3-install.part2.pkg
    3) install duplex-far.cry.3.crack.pkg
    4) https://cdn.anonfiles.com/1354110026694.zip

    FAR CRY 3 WORKS 100%, tested on 3.55!


  5. #7135
    digisin Guest
    Actually, i can't get the speech to work.. Everything is fine in the Intro-Video of course, but when the guy starts talking, there is no voice..

    Anyone else with this Problem? I'm on v3.41..

  6. #7136
    kolabi Guest
    does anyone know how to run worms collection with multiman? i don't know how because there is no eboot.bin , only 3 directories with pkg

  7. #7137
    sorg Guest
    Here is the fix for Ratchet & Clank: QForce EU (BCES01594).


    EBOOT.BIN, game.self, PARAM.SFO have been signed for FW 3.40, but i'm not sure if it compatible with FW 3.xx. I've tested it only on Rebug 4.21.1 anybody on 3.xx, test it.

    Still don't know where i can test if DLC from Duplex works or not. I didn't find where i can change skins of character. Can anyone tell, where?

  8. #7138
    rc4evr Guest
    BLUS31079 [History Legends of War: Patton]

    3.41/3.55 Fix Confirmed Working:


    Actual gameplay observed with 3.41 dongle on ext w/bd-mirror- other settings may work also. Could someone plz post this fix to a better source (a couple of links were dead), thanks in advance!

    Credit goes to harryoke for original post.

    -note to MOD: Please sticky this if/when a better link is posted, thanks!

  9. #7139
    Ecina Guest
    Thanks for posting the fix rc4evr and also to harryoke for the original post.

    I have now added it to the sticky

  10. #7140
    developer Guest
    Please give me a link of ps all star fix 3.55 (36.3 mb)

    links dead, please

    Also from opoisso893: Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 BLES01709 update 1.02 fix (3.41/3.55) :


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