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  1. #7121
    fraheco23 Guest
    hey i had the same problem i was playing the game discless from the app home and i played it with a game inside and that did the trick i hope that works for you

  2. #7122
    developer Guest
    i want run ps all star but when i run ps all star. This message is displayed: load failed due to corrupted save data attempt load of save data again yes no

    i press yes and no But the message is displayed again. i have dex (3.55) console. please help

  3. #7123
    msam17 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by gondra21 View Post
    far cry 3 works 3.55 waninkoko v2
    Thanks gondra21 working perfect...

  4. #7124
    kombat75 Guest
    What is the link for this Far Cry 3 to download and try ?

    Can share.. ?

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    Join Date
    Apr 2005


    If you click on the arrow icon of the person he is quoting it will take you to the full post with the link, which happens to be here in this case: http://www.ps4news.com/forums/ps3-cf...tml#post443184

  6. #7126
    Azrial Guest
    Where can I find the Wolverine89 fix, can't seem to find it anywhere. Got the new crack and original Duplex one, but can't find the Wolverine89 one.

  7. #7127
    kombat75 Guest
    Thanx for the links guys.. Hate this when need the files always got this error... You have reached the max. number of possible free downloads for this hour, please try again in an hour or purchase one of our premium products.

    Never Download and it said have reached the max ?

    Anyone have Way of Samurai 4 working eboot ?

  8. #7128
    hilongo Guest
    Because of things like this I always prefer Torrents ... at least for large downloads!

  9. #7129
    digisin Guest
    Afaik, the original filename would be EP0001-NPEB01096_00-FC3DIGITALEU0001.pkg which can be found HERE.

    I came across this, when surfing:

    1) install duplex-far.cry.3-install.part1.pkg
    2) install duplex-far.cry.3-install.part2.pkg
    3) install duplex-far.cry.3.crack.pkg

    video ok
    auto saving ok
    sight okl

    3.55 waninkoko v 2

    So maybe the Wolverine89-Fix is not needed anymore..? Aparrently, CO-OPs working, too.

  10. #7130
    developer Guest
    is there a link for PlayStation.All-Stars.Battle.Royale.PS3.V1.01.CFW3.41-3.55-4.21.FiX.rar (36.3 MB) ??

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