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    flaviud Guest

  2. #7072
    HAVOK7 Guest
    what pkg file?

  3. #7073
    cfc2001 Guest
    what's the best, more stable 4.20-4.30 CFW at the moment ???

  4. #7074
    pedromaiaz Guest
    you have to have the fifa with ORIGINAL eboots, sprx, etc....! i think many people have problem cause they lost or they didn't do a proper (at least) backup of the files patched! ...and then my friend you can do a freash start at 4.30!

    ...i got a few games i dont have original eboots... they are lost and are very dificult to find... thats the reason i dont change, for now!

  5. #7075
    PS3GAMER20111 Guest
    4.21.1 REX is most stable among new Custom firmwares.

  6. #7076
    cfc2001 Guest
    possible to downgrade later to 3.55 ???

  7. #7077
    msam17 Guest
    Far cry 3 working from CFW 3.55, but no autosave. Installed duplex pkg 1, 2 & crack, then replaced game.self from above rghost then installed Wolverine89's fix. Installed external.

  8. #7078
    mozli Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by cfc2001 View Post
    possible to downgrade later to 3.55 ???
    Yes, check out the rebug thread: http://www.ps4news.com/forums/ps3-cf...ut-124760.html

  9. #7079
    kombat75 Guest
    It seems Far Cry Duplex doesn't work. It need to update firmware to 4.0 to play. install the crack.pkg still doesnt work. anyone manage to get it work ?

    The walking dead eposide 1-5 aslo doesn't work too.. Anyone have any patch or eboot for above games for ver 3.55?


  10. #7080
    AKmania Guest
    link is dead. can any one please reupload it again?


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