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  1. #7041
    hilongo Guest
    Hmmm... that's too bad! ... Where/how did you tested?

  2. #7042
    HAVOK7 Guest

  3. #7043
    gondra21 Guest
    ok tested run 3.55 waninkoko2

  4. #7044
    rc4evr Guest
    Also works for me on a 3.41 dongle. I installed Wolverine89's fix on top of Duplex's fix.

    -note to MODS: Please sticky this fix when convenient, thx!

    Uh-oh, I might have been a little hasty! It seems to lock the game when trying to save. I could still quit the game using the controller's PS3 button, however. Looks like we're still waiting for a proper fix.

  5. #7045
    hilongo Guest
    Thanks for the heads up rc4evr .. I was just a sec. away from adding this one to the Sticky Thread ...

    Let's see what comes up in the near (I hope) future..

  6. #7046
    HAVOK7 Guest
    working fine for me, maybe the problem is cos you install it on top of Duplex's fix, as that fix was made for 4.21

  7. #7047
    babyjoe00069 Guest
    Why would you need a fix for 4.21 if the Firmware is at 4.xx shouldn't it already work without any fixes i'm on 4.30 firmware i'll test that out let me check on 2nd install now

  8. #7048
    HAVOK7 Guest
    yeah the auto save is messed up on 3.55

  9. #7049
    1aco Guest
    not only that but also there is also no intro.. and the game graphic is soooo bad... don't know if it only me but the world was empty and there were no one around ahahah

  10. #7050
    gondra21 Guest
    Save manual is bad.

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