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    This is for anyone who is interested/has 4.21.1 REX CFW. This is a list of my own personal games and the settings that I have on them. These games were all updated through the PS3 to the latest official patches and are untouched nor have they been modified in ANY way.

    The games have their original EBOOT and PARAM's. Also, when I updated to 4.21.1 REX I reformatted the HDD in my PS3 so I could start from scratch. I have encountered no problems at all with these configurations. I tried to put as much info as necessary to help out.


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    Quote Originally Posted by ConsoleDev View Post
    I don't know which one you want/need so I provide links to both versions (i haven't tested myself)
    Don't get me wrong buddy but those games were fixed by pr0p0sitionJOE. You can at least post credits to him, after all he has done so much for all of us. BTW thanks for sharing links. Please don't take my post as offense.

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    I have updated the post and added credits to him at the bottom as well now.

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    Thanks that worked for me had too, delete off the old one first and start again did not need patches

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    here is my fix for ben10 omniverse for 3.55. feel free to test it.. i tested it on my 3.55 kmeaw.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rc4evr View Post
    BLES01627 [Disney Epic Mickey 2 - The Power of Two]
    confirmed works 3.55 perfect

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    Quote Originally Posted by kalaner View Post
    I got a solution for how to get The walking dead Episode 1-5 to work on CFW 3.55.

    1. Download the Duplex version of The walking dead 1-5 and install it like always.
    2. Then download the one from Episode 1-4, it's RePacked by Afd.
    3. Install it too and then play from the xmb.


    Hope it works for you too!!!
    Hey there,

    no need to download the whole package, applying the 1.03-Fix from the Post below starts the game and at least shows Episode 5 as playable. I have to admit, i want to play Ep4 first, so i did not try starting Ep5 yet!

    Quote Originally Posted by alwayshungry View Post
    From Pr0pJOE comes PSN THE WALKING DEAD Ep. 1-4 Fixed for 3.55 as follows:

    Region: [US] NPUB30741
    Release by: propJOE
    Firmware: 3.70, patch [4.10]
    Size: 473 MB + 810 MB + 635 MB + 705 MB + 42.1 MB
    Language: English

    Install Guide:

    1. Install Full game/Episode 1, install Episodes 2-4 *find them yourselves*
    2. Install Updates 1.01-1.03
    3. Install 1.03 FIX
    4. Enjoy playing.

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    is there a ben 10 omniverse fix? can't seem to find one

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    Thanks for correcting me and my post, it was not my intention to discredit pr0p0sitionJOE at all

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    Quote Originally Posted by bigvern1979 View Post
    is there a ben 10 omniverse fix? can't seem to find one
    here is my fix for ben10 omniverse for 3.55. feel free to test it.. i tested it on my 3.55 kmeaw.

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