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    Devil may cry demo fix 3.55???

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    Quote Originally Posted by Farc225 View Post
    Oh, just to clarify, is your fix works with 3.55 CFW?
    Yeah my patch is for 3.55 CFW.

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    Nov 2012
    I've managed to solve the problems, reverting to originals & fix permissions was the primary action i have done & i have also updated the multiman to 4.11.13 to solve 80010009 issues. (had that problem in black ops II for example). wouldn't know what to do without this forum!!

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    Can some one please upload the fix for Family Guy on another file sharing site? I don't like to sign up...

    Thanks in advance!

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    BLES01625 [Family Guy Back To The Multiverse] 3.41/3.55 Fix mirror as requested:

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    Aug 2012
    BLES01627 [Disney Epic Mickey 2 - The Power of Two]

    3.41/3.55 Fix Confirmed Working:

    I tested this fix using a 3.41 dongle from internal copy + game disc inserted as recommended for this particular fix. Also selected the disc icon on the XMB. Actual gameplay was observed for a few minutes with no errors.

    Credit goes to Oakhead69 for the fix and craze e 1 for the link.

    -note to MOD: Please sticky this fix when you can, thx!

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    Confused Help looking for..

    May I please request Jet Set Radio HD PSN working on 3.55? thank you. I have been searching for weeks now, seriously. O_O

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    I don't know which one you want/need so I provide links to both versions (i haven't tested myself)

    USA 3.41-3.55 Fix

    EUR 3.41-3.55 Fix

    Credit goes to Blackotoo

    If possible do not use the link I provided above, FileGag is the worst filehosting site ever in my opinion;
    i have reuploaded them here:

    Jet Set Radio HD PSN EUR 3.41-3.55 Fix

    Jet Set Radio HD PSN USA 3.41-3.55 Fix

    I am sorry to everyone for that

    Edit: Credits to pr0p0sitionJOE also!

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    Jan 2012
    Much love to propjoe and the repack team!!!

    blackotoo ha too funny...

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    Thanks ConsoleDev for the mirror link, much appreciated!!

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