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    master32820 Guest
    the only thing that can make it perfect is flower ...

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    ZerotakerZX Guest
    Hard Corps is mine now! Thank you, duplex! I hope Scott Pilgrimm will be next.

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    Edgelessearvin Guest
    there is a program for 3.55 that was a geohot pro to mod the system qoute and unqoute reddotcity.

    if anyone would like to check it out pm me and we will figure out the mod but i am not a fake... What i am asking for is 3.75 cfw jailbreak in return in US region.

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    cfwprophet Guest
    I'm nor really sure if i have understood. You talk about a program that (you mean) GeoHot has writen it and it can edit the params and flags of the system configuration. Beside that you want to bring back JB for 3.75 FW. Is that correct ?

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    YuuZA Guest
    Flower and 30+ other PSN games are out working on CFW 3.55 but not from DUPLEX.

    I was shocked too

    Quote Originally Posted by master32820 View Post
    the only thing that can make it perfect is flower ...
    +1 DUPLEX, love you guys

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    cfwprophet Guest
    Hmmm... but you talking about NPDRM games right ? For what i know ALL PSN games are encrypted with the NPDRM Key and no one ever hase discovered it. The other games are Hybried-Psydo games that mostly contains a Debug EBOOT of the same game. So we can play thoes games. But there's a lot of games without a download able Debug EBOOT. Thats means we cant play this game on CFW.

    But DUPLEX have found out the NPDRM key and for that they are able to Decrypt the EBOOT's - Hack them - and resign them so we can use it on CFW's.

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    YuuZA Guest
    This explains a lot, thanks cfwprophet. respect

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    Ezio Guest
    Contra Hard Corps , I played Contra many years ago on Nintendo console.

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    Natepig Guest
    I get a black screen when trying to launch Explodemon. I'm installing it again to see if that will fix it.

    I work out my issue... i used the SceneX one and although both files are named as Explodemon, one is the stacking install pkg and the other is the Explodemon hack.

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    Join Date
    Apr 2005

    Arrow Guide to Compile PSN NPDRM Games for PS3 Custom Firmware

    Following up on the previous PSN game decryption news, today mallory has made available the PS3Tools NPDRM source code for reactivating PSN content followed by a brief guide from the included ReadMe file below for PS3 Custom Firmware users.

    Download: PS3Tools NPDRM / PS3Tools NPDRM v2 / PS3Tools NPDRM v3 / PS3Tools NPDRM PKG Tools V2 and PS3Tools NPDRM PKG Tools V3 (Compiled by nathanr3269) / PS3Tools NPDRM PKG Tools Fix V2 by granberro

    From the included PS3Tools NPDRM ReadMe file:

    Based off of gitbrew's 215d8903bc86539ca1da53519e2ac10eeafc4c27 ps3tools. .git folder not included to protect senstive info about the author. Sorry about the messed up tabs, TAB = 4 SPACES 4 LYFE!!!
    • Add the files in the npdrm_keystuff folder to your ps3 keys folder.
    • Create a file with your console's 16 byte IDPS in the 'idps' file in your ps3 keys folder (e.g. ~/.ps3/idps).
    • Copy your PS3's exdata folder containing your act.dat and rif files to your ps3 keys dir (e.g. ~/.ps3/exdata/act.dat). Compile and have fun with your LEGALLY purchased NPDRM games!
    • Also works on free games without exdata/idps.

    Apologies for any existing bugs in unself. Adding these changes to unself2 is left as an exercise for the reader.

    • fail0verflow for the orginal tools
    • JuanNadie for figuring out NPDRM
    • euss for his endless hours of work on the wiki

    Why didn't you beat me to the punch, Team PS360? I didn't need to reverse a single instruction! It isn't that hard...

    v2 info:
    • Added npdrm magic to unself2 and readself2
    • unself2 doesn't like the metadata section with type 3 in my game.
    • This section looks to be some kind of linking information. Here is a snippet: crt0:p190002crt1:p190002libaudio_stub:p190002libau dio_stub:p190002

    I haven't yet looked around to see if this is type of section is documented anywhere.

    v3 info:

    Unself2 now ignores metadata sections of type 3 instead of aborting. Additional help with any remaining bugs would be greatly appreciated.

    I'm sorry if everyone got the impression that these unself/readself modifications can, by themselves, "reactivate" your NPDRM content. These are just the first steps in the process. To those who say this is useless because you need act.dat and rif files: unless you can get unencrypted (debug) or easily decrypted (free, demos) PSN content, the only way to get the unencrypted files is by decrypting it with act.dat and the content's rif file.

    There are no "crypto fails" here, proper decryption with the true keys is the only way forward. Using the NPDRM algo with the right keys is the only way to decrypt unless you let GameOS do it for you and hook into GameOS to either grab intermediate keys or dump decrypted content. Using hacks to restore the NPDRM decryption info to jailbroken PS3s is only a partial fix.

    For instance, unless you patch vsh or set the SRTC to some time in the past, some content (even non-demos and non-trials!) expires until you log into PSN and reauthenticate. Sorry about your "technical difficulties", Team PS360. You should L2IRC.

    Finally, from granberro comes PS3Tools NPDRM PKG Tools Fix V2 (npdrm-fix_v2) which includes changes, as follows:

    I'd like to share with you my fork of failoverfl0w and geohot tools. I have fixed some bugs on fl0w tools and added all NPDRM stuff as well as mallory did.

    What's different then?
    • unself (unself2 should not skip type 3 section IMHO) is able to save the key/iv used to encrypt the NPDRM and patch the eboot.elf for 3.41 consoles.
    • make_self_npdrm2 is able to encrypt elfs with the key/iv extracted by unself and, theoretically being accepted by OFW>3.55

    With those tools, I've been able to "downgrade" LBP2 updates 1-4 and install them on a CFW 3.41.

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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