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    Bluebomb Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by StanSmith View Post
    I couldn't get it working. I patched it and still black screen. Anyone else having any more luck?

    I even let MultiMan patch it and still no luck. 4.21REX
    I got this game working w/ 4.13.00 multiMAN and 4.21.1 REX. As a matter of fact, I just finished going through all 170+ retail games and every one works with the latest official updates, no patching necessary. If you want to know specifics on how I have certain game settings, let me know which ones and I'll share with you.

    I plan on making a text document to upload with all of my info, (game configurations internal/external etc.) but that will take some time. Also, I know it was a big pain in the rear, but when I upgraded to REX 4.21.1 I reformatted my int. hdd so I could start from scratch.

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    lieankatwa Guest
    (Request) Mark of the Ninja PSN Please.

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    Kanzlermacher Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by realth View Post
    Sine Mora PSN PS3-DUPLEX 100% fast links
    NOT WORK under 3.55

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    kalaner Guest


    I got a solution for how to get The walking dead Episode 1-5 to work on CFW 3.55.

    1. Download the Duplex version of The walking dead 1-5 and install it like always.
    2. Then download the one from Episode 1-4, it's RePacked by Afd.
    3. Install it too and then play from the xmb.


    Hope it works for you too!!!

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    mschumacher69 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Farc225 View Post
    mschumacher69, can you upload it to mediafire/putlocker please? Thanks a lot for fixing it, i need it for EU version.
    Why? Is my dropbox link not working? This is for EUR BLES01667.

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    yllan Guest
    hello, here is the fix for the online pass for cfw 4.30

    Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale.Online Pass.PS3.EUR.BCES01435

    Available here: http://rghost.net/41766503

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    rc4evr Guest
    BLES01625 [Family Guy Back To The Multiverse] DUPLEX

    3.41/3.55 Fix Confirmed Working:


    I personally tested the fix on a 3.41 dongle using ext HD and bd-mirror enabled. This is the method I usually try first and it worked, however other settings or parameters may also be successful.

    You should probably let multiMAN edit the SFO file to show f/w 3.41, but I manually edited it out of habit. Of course if you're on 3.55, you won't have to touch the SFO.

    Credit goes to CRAZE.E.1 for the fix and JonahUK for the url.

    -note to MOD: Please sticky this fix when you can, thx!

  8. #6988
    Farc225 Guest
    I wasn't able to download from there i don't know, but then i download it again and it works, your links good. I haven't patch my game though. Thanks again.

    Oh, just to clarify, is your fix works with 3.55 CFW?

  9. #6989
    mozli Guest
    Thank you for your reply! auto update was disabled, i still don't know what the problem was cause i've upgraded to REX 4.21 (finally),
    did it over night and it works now obviously. now i can play the Lego lord of the rings also

    My question now is..the upgrade have led to some games not working like Black ops II, i guess i need to delete the game & all gamedata and trophies as it's 3.55 encoded keys... am i correct?

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    HAVOK7 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by lieankatwa View Post
    (Request) Mark of the Ninja PSN Please.
    that game is xbox live exclusive and pc the publisher is microsoft, you wont see that game on ps3

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