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    eric994 Guest
    Duplex, please can you guys give us the playstation links of this games if it wouldn't be a bodder for anyone.

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    StanSmith Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by rick5505 View Post
    I am still struggling with this. I now see that the patch actually looks to the internal drive. I had it on my USB. If I move it to the internal HD, I cannot see it in MultiMan. If I take the folder the patch creates and move it to the USB, overwriting, It just shows as corrupted data, once I load it in MultiMan and try and load from the XMB.

    Any advice on how to get it to show when it is on the internal HD? I have lots of others working from the internal.
    Let MultiMan copy it from USB to Internal then refresh the list and it'll show up.

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    rc4evr Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by msam17 View Post
    rc4evr are you able to fix this 'load of save data issue' for All Star battle royale ? if yes please let us know how you did it.
    Sorry, I'm not much of a "fixer" because I lack the skills. Nobody's fixed this title for 3.41/3.55 f/w to my knowledge at the time of this post.

  4. #6934
    Renold Guest
    So, Sine Mora is not working for me. 3.55 v2, it asks me to update to version 4.10 or later.

    Installed the pkg, put the edat in the right folder. The edat works, the original .png says "trial" but in the game column the same image has not got the "trial" label.

    So, someone should do a little magic on the eboot, I guess. Or maybe am I the only one who can't boot the game?

  5. #6935
    Tek9 Guest
    Some posts back you should of read that neither game is working on 3.55 cfw dont know why maybe wait for a fix from duplex maybe? Go back a page or 2 to see the other posts from people who already reported it not working.

  6. #6936
    rc4evr Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by niwakun View Post
    E.X. Troopers JPN [BLJM60528] Fixed 3.55
    Did anyone test this fix? It's not working for me, it just gives a black screen and locks. What parameters are needed? Thanks.

  7. #6937
    Azrial Guest
    Tried another Sine Mora as well, error 80010017, which means the PS3 wants to update.

  8. #6938
    rc4evr Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by rc4evr View Post
    NHL 13 3.41/3.55 FIX (BLES or BLUS)
    The NHL 13 sticky link is already dead. Can or did anyone mirror it? Thanks.

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    mod632 Guest
    both games from duplex The Walking Dead Episode 1-5 PSN PS3-DUPLEX and Sine Mora working fine on 4.21.1 rebug cfw

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    vrobec Guest
    Pinball Arcade with DLC's would be nice.

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