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    Quote Originally Posted by SCORPION21 View Post
    Does it working for CFW 3.55 Kmeaw Version or this patch for Rogeo ??

    My bad... I really noob about this... Sorry about it.. Can't understand this... --- > Try pasting the link into a proxy site like one of these and hit Go:

    pasting the link into proxy = where is the proxy and how to put.. where should i go look for proxy under which directory?

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    go to the website boss posted. put the link there you can't access. click, you will be able to access that website.

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    Thank you

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    Dead or Alive 5 (Real Repack) full game links+fix please?

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    Check this lovely thread... it's really well organized and the moderators are top-notch!

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    Still no luck on UFC3 anyone?

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    Hi guys! Sorry I haven't been posting update fixes, but I've tried updating to REX 4.21.1 coupled with the latest multiMAN and it is stunning! I am currently running through my games and EVERY one I've tried so far works, updates included.

    If you haven't already jumped to this firmware and are still currently running 3.55, do it! You won't be disappointed, not to mention, you won't have to worry about surfing the web for a 3.55 "fix". Much respect to rebug and Deank! WOW!

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    i mate, mine works ok! but you have to check your ps3 audio settings...put only linear pcm 2 ch 44.1\48 khz and acc... i had similar problems with a few games!... but sometimes if you just disconect the hdmi cable and reconect again works...!
    here you have the fix, have fun mate!

    BLES01231 UFC Undisputed 3 FIXX -

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    Thanks for a working link on UFC U3 BLES01231 3.55 fix, I have updated the sticky with it

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    btw... the fixx is not mine, i only share it, credits are for DROCK 357... (it was who post it first)

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