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  1. #6871
    santyps3 Guest
    Pls... need fix for f1 race stars..

  2. #6872
    rc4evr Guest

    Another fake fix. One clue, besides not working for me, is the fact that it supposedly covers CFW3.41-3.55-4.21, I've never seen an all-in-one fix like that before. I also haven't read or heard of any positive confirmation that these particular fixes are valid.

    People, please at least have some credible proof they actually work before posting them. Thank you.

  3. #6873
    a555na Guest
    here you go KOMBAT75


    HITMAN 3.55 fix

  4. #6874
    kombat75 Guest
    Thanx a555na, will try later and feedback ok.

    Did you try it ? Does it work ?

  5. #6875
    a555na Guest
    works for me 100% on my 3.55

  6. #6876
    kombat75 Guest
    Sorry to asking again. it seem i can't see any link to download ?

    There is download link but when click that not the file it download manager some file which not the hitman file.

    how to download thru putlocker ?

  7. #6877
    a555na Guest
    hit continue as free user then hit blue arrow to download.. simple as that

  8. #6878
    winthur Guest
    I'm trying to play Hitman. using Regoro 4.30 V1.04, latest MM all on Phat PS3 of mine. but i got kick out to XMB and shows error. anyone know whats wrong?

    Oh the version i got it is Hitman Absolution PS3-DUPLEX

  9. #6879
    a555na Guest
    did you make it, answer me while i'm here..

  10. #6880
    Serba Guest
    DUPLEX haven't released a fix yet for PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, those from others are fake!

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