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    Quote Originally Posted by concretecork View Post
    These are not fixes for 3.55 these are resigned to work on new CFW. Do they really belong in this thread?
    Yep, ALL fixes must be posted in this single thread... just label them accordingly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kombat75 View Post
    Sorry guys , anyone do have link for Hitman Absolution Eboot working version on 3.55 ??

    I try getting blank screen..
    1. Copy all files from GAME FILES FIX 3.41-3.55 to your game folder BLES01403 -- DO THIS
    3. Run the game from MM and pray it works. (Try with BD-Mirror option if needed)
    4. Pray it works and kill silently in Hitman style.

    *Recommended to use Duplex game release BLES01403.!!!! IMPORTANT

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    Anyone using this would be really irresponsible. But then even stating the obvious is sometime not hint enough for the determined to be banned.

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    Question about UFC 3-

    Got the eboot installed. Game started, then when it was about to install, the game crashed out of that operation and then moved onto Install System Data. I don't see a completion percentage anywhere. Can anyone help me out? Am I at the right screen? Is anyone else experiencing this same problem.

    Running UFC 3 External w BD Mirror On

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    OK, a little advice about hitman, when you descompact archieves LOOK the Dir LIMITS, sometimes winrar have a limitation to extract archive with long directories.. like Hitman Patch! must have 481 files and 67 folders for right patch!

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    All I do is delete the ENTIRE LONG FILENAME, except for the first letter. So Hitmanfpowqfnfhn9wqfhnq90fhnqifhnqfqhnffhnqfqfnf, becomes just "H" and then there is no extract errors

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    Does this fix actually work?

    I get a pink flashing screen when I start Hitman, other fixes boots back to xmb, one fix says installed game corrupted, what does all this means?

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    I added the mirror to the main article now and +Rep heraf250!

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