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  1. #6831
    hilongo Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by rc4evr View Post
    BLES01231 [UFC 3 Undisputed]

    3.55 Fix Confirmed Working:
    Added to the sticky! ... Good post mate, I know you made a lot of people happy today!

  2. #6832
    a555na Guest
    tnx for UFC 3 3.55 fix... but stopped installing at 18%... anyone with same problem..!?

    never had that problem with games.. whole ps3 freeze when starting UFC 3..

  3. #6833
    StanSmith Guest
    Yea, I had that problem. It took about 2 hours to install. If you leave it then it should eventually pass and go to the next spot where it stops but it did eventually finish installing.

  4. #6834
    a555na Guest
    thanks for help, i will try it again!


  5. #6835
    hilongo Guest
    Same thing happened to me with Sorcery... a while ago ... maybe it has something to do with the large number of files it has or something like that ...

    Anyway ... let me know how it goes!

  6. #6836
    onibox Guest
    On Amaralur, same happens, try erase other languages (french/german/spanish). My load on amaralur with languages = 20 min.. without.. 5 min!

  7. #6837
    a555na Guest
    the problem is that loading icon stop spinning and whole ps3 freeze..it is still at 16% for about 1 i half hour.. first time was freezed at 18% and i forced turn off ps3 and run UFC 3 again, then it is freezed in main menu..

  8. #6838
    Hernaner28 Guest
    propJoe is going to release new PSN and DLC content, including Resident Evil 6 ALL DLC and Worms Revolution from PSN. Stay tuned!

  9. #6839
    Alex7 Guest
    thanks for the news dude ..

  10. #6840
    Vicmary Guest
    Yes easy install the latest update for those games.

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