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  1. #6811
    Hernaner28 Guest

    The Catacombs DLC Map for RE6 .rap file and .pkg

    Here you have both PKG and .rap file 4 http://zeus.dl.playstation.net/cdn/U...084&country=us

    Please, I got even the .rap file! What else do you need? Someone give it a try and fix it plzzz!!

  2. #6812
    StanSmith Guest
    Do the smart thing, download the corrupt file again.

  3. #6813
    Hernaner28 Guest
    Not necessary. Fixing Putlocker corrupted parts with Winrar works wonderful.

  4. #6814
    bigvern1979 Guest
    i have done twice and still same

    Quote Originally Posted by Hernaner28 View Post
    Not necessary. Fixing Putlocker corrupted parts with Winrar works wonderful.
    thanks will try that

  5. #6815
    pedromaiaz Guest


    i just think the same!.. we never had sooo many games working proper on 3.41\3.55 has now!!!

    i do have 330 bd games only ten doesnt work (sdat, big edat)... 200 PSN Games working on 3.55... i don't want to patch them all!... eventually some new FW will come out! WAITING IS A BLESS! and this is free work! soo i don't complain!

  6. #6816
    tommasi Guest
    anyone got these games to work yet?


    running 4.21 Rex

  7. #6817
    utente Guest
    Disney epic mickey 2 - the power of two - bles01627 fix 3.55?

    Fi - race stars - bles01715 fix 3.55?
    Nascar - the game inside line - blus30932 fix 3.55?
    Sonic & all-stars racing - trasformed - bles01646 fix 3.55?

  8. #6818
    a555na Guest
    hi! any news on UFC 3.. tnx!

    sorry.. 3.55 fix for UFC 3..!?

  9. #6819
    rick5505 Guest
    Hi, I am on Rebug 4.2.1 and I cannot get Fi - race stars - bles01715 to load. MM said it patched it but when I start it, I just get a black screen. I tried EP9000 discgamepatch000 pkg file, but it is still black when trying to load. What is the correct way to get this to load?


  10. #6820
    pedromaiaz Guest
    Let the games begin!

    BLES01610-Worms Collection FIXX

    BLES01610-Worms Collection ORIGINAL



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