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    Feb 2012
    I have 35 XMB installed games and I only had to patch 5 of them. I have 20 PSN games installed and had to resign 1 of them. I have about 150 games on my USB HDD and internal HDD and so far I've had to only patch the latest ones. Almost all previous 3.55 patched games are working with their 3.55 patches still installed.

    As I said in that other post, install 4.21REX and try out your games. And even if you do need to resign them it only takes a total of 5 mins and thats taking your time. If you do it quick you can probably resign them in 2 mins each game.

    Think about it. If its from PSN then you DON'T need to patch them as ALL PSN games will work on ANY firmware above what its made for.

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    Frankly I do not feel to QA Flag for eventual downgrade if the request should be made. And I do not E3 possession excecuter me this task, and finally I have read so Brick lately with all CFW lying on the canvas that does not tempt me too.

    Staying 3.55 Kmeaw assures me not to see me is beautiful bricker

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    Feb 2012
    There was about the same amount of bricks with Kmeaw when it first came out.

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    For my part I had gone from Geohot to Kmeaw without going through the recovery and went like a letter in the mail.

    Made in there too CFW to date and we do not know which of them presents no risk to the installation, is why I prefer to stay on a previous CFW Homie StanSmith

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    Automatically sign a EBOOT.BIN NPDRM or normal HERE and you can say goodbye to watermarktrololo

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    Sep 2012
    Hello all. Ufc 3 fixed for 3.55 or no?

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    Feb 2012
    Nope, 4.21 and above only.

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    has anyone had a file corrupt error when unraring blackops2 duplex and get the same error from dumptruck release too if i ignore the error the game works upto the level after riding the horses where ya go into cave then it just does nothing i can look around but cant move i even tried leaving it for ten mins but nothing

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    Anyone fixed Starhawk yet? People are posting that Starhawk, UFC 3, and NBA 2k13 are fixed for 3.55 on piratebay, yet no one will upload them!

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    Repair the .rar file with Winrar

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