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  1. #6751
    fox460 Guest
    The same here. i've also trying to make fix for lego LOR , trophys and -> black screen((( sad

  2. #6752
    oVERSoLDiER Guest
    Just a addition to my post, some of them are not EBOOT.BIN files but .PKG files, which you can easily install with the "Install Package Files" option.

  3. #6753
    onibox Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by StanSmith View Post
    Go to MultiMan and fix the permissions. Thats how I got it working.
    I still doing that bro, but still the same! I still on 3.55 Kwew to test all fixes

  4. #6754
    Hernaner28 Guest
    I've already shared the USA pkg files for the Mercenaries Maps of the RE6 DLC: Now I have a friend who has the BLES version and is willing to share rif and pkgs files. He doesn't know how to get the PKG links, and neither do I, so please how can we get them? Thanks!!

  5. #6755
    Tim14ww Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by StanSmith View Post
    Go to MultiMan and fix the permissions. Thats how I got it working.
    I can confirm that it works. Copy it to internal -> fix permissions -> bd mirror on -> works

    thanks Stan!!

  6. #6756
    Hernaner28 Guest

    Need a resident evil 6 dlc tester please

    Please, someone who has Resident Evil 6 I need you to download the attached content. It's the Catacombs map. I need you to put both files in your backup of Resident Evil 6, no matter the region. Put them in:


    And please tell me if you see the new map in The Mercenaries.

    I cannot try it because I'm in the capital (studying) and I don't have my PS3 here. Someone report back if it working so I can release the rest

  7. #6757
    Vicmary Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Ceast21 View Post
    has anyone got epic mickey working yet? i have tried 3 different eboot resigners with same result. when i start the game the move screen shows than abunch of colors and a message that game is corrupt.

    has anyone been able to make a working patch? i have rebug 4.21 rex. i even changed the .sfo to 4.21 with no luck
    Yeah the fix is play the game in the internal hard drive doesn't work on external hard drive.

  8. #6758
    pedromaiaz Guest
    BLES01403 HITMAN Absolution working 3.55! but this fix has plenty sdat files so i also included the original files....if you for some reason need them!

    note: extract to the harddrive root and them copy them... or you will have winrar errors! the fix is the PropJoe, Extrimm but i added the PS3SOS fix... and it worked!! tested! no freeze or blackscren! just read txt ok?


  9. #6759
    valandys Guest
    epic mickey working in the internal with fix or not to fix it? thanks.

  10. #6760
    talkbox4life Guest
    there is a fix on 3.55 BLES01646 - SONIC & ALL STARS RACING Transformed? please

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