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    Ecina Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by bravin View Post
    and the 3.55 reboot fix?
    It's right there in the sticky...

    Dead or Alive 5 BLES01623 3.41/3.55. To update the game it must be patched. After that, install regular update 1.02 and then install the 1.02 fix <---- on the end here

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    Hernaner28 Guest

    RE6 Mercenaries Map: The Catacombs .pkg

    RE6 Mercenaries Map: The Catacombs .pkg


    Somebody fix it for EUR plz!

  3. #6713
    wwywong Guest
    Anyone got the DLC unlocker for DOA5 yet? (costume and all that)

  4. #6714
    BlackDeath Guest
    Sonic.All-Stars.Racing.Transformed.Bonus.Edition.Unlocker.PS 3-DUPLEX


  5. #6715
    mekal Guest
    thanks again for all your hard work duplex rocks

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    hilongo Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by rc4evr View Post
    BLES01752 [Under Defeat HD Deluxe Edition]

    I fixed this using DarkEboot Fixer v3.5 (By DarkGiovy) ...
    Care to share a link to this fix? ... I know elser1 would be very happy to test it!

  7. #6717
    Ceast21 Guest
    has anyone got epic mickey working yet? i have tried 3 different eboot resigners with same result. when i start the game the move screen shows than abunch of colors and a message that game is corrupt.

    has anyone been able to make a working patch? i have rebug 4.21 rex. i even changed the .sfo to 4.21 with no luck

  8. #6718
    BlackDeath Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by hilongo View Post
    Care to share a link to this fix? ... I know elser1 would be very happy to test it!
    I was not using DarkEboot Fixer, but did it by hand. Just a test. If it's working ... fine ... if not ... sorry


  9. #6719
    ZerotakerZX Guest
    Since I'm on 4.21 rebug I had to resign All-stars racing Transformed with TrueAncestor. Game boots fine, but buttons dont work. Expect for PS button. Cant skip the opening or Press Start. Anyone knows a way out?

  10. #6720
    neogoa Guest
    have been looking for a thread like this for ages!

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