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    rc4evr Guest
    Didn't work for me, it kicks back to the XMB screen.

  2. #6692
    peterpro Guest
    Thanks to Duplex Team!

    Waiting for Sonic & All-Stars Racing - Transformed and F1 - Race Stars with fix 3.55


  3. #6693
    hilongo Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by rc4evr View Post
    Didn't work for me, it kicks back to the XMB screen.
    Thanks for the input rc4evr!!... Guess we're in for a "patience test"

  4. #6694
    wwywong Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by wwywong View Post
    I search for post by ZombieKillah, but nothing about DOA5 1.02 update. Anyone know where it is? Thanks!
    I found the Dead or alive 5 1.02 update 3.40/3.55 fix. I've test it (EUR version) and it worked!

    1. Install regular update 1.02

    2. Install 1.02 fix

    Keep in mind that you still need the previous sdat fix from previous fix (in your GAMEZ dir). I tried it without and the game will go into black screen.

    Mods could you guys put it to the sticky? Thanks!

  5. #6695
    hilongo Guest
    I would right now ... but which previous fix are you referring to? ... If it's needed, I should put a link for it too...

  6. #6696
    digisin Guest
    I guess, he's referring to this one.

  7. #6697
    0x00 Guest

    Make Blackops II Work

    Make a new user account on ps3. (not psn)

    In network settings set proxy to: IP:
    port: 8080

    Make new PSN sign in, load black ops 2 and play.

    CFW: Rebug 4.21
    Duplex on External
    Patch: 1.02 (For blops II)

    No Rebug Toolbox is not needed.

    ~Regards 0x00

  8. #6698
    hilongo Guest
    Ok ... thanks. it is done ... DOA5 1.02 update and fix are on the sticky

  9. #6699
    realth Guest

    Sonic All-Stars Racing Transformed Bonus Edition Unlocker for PS3 Out

    Following up on yesterday's releases, PlayStation 3 scene release group DUPLEX is back with a Sonic All-Stars Racing Transformed Bonus Edition Unlocker for PS3 out today!
    • Sonic.All-Stars.Racing.Transformed.Bonus.Edition.Unlocker.PS 3-DUPLEX

    Sonic.All-Stars.Racing.Transformed.Bonus.Edition.Unlocker.PS 3-DUPLEX - Sonic All-Stars Racing Transformed Bonus Edition Unlocker PS3 DUPLEX

    [Register or Login to view code]

    Download: http://ul.to/ro7gzcsm / http://rghost.net/41594863 / http://rghost.net/41598445 / http://limelinx.com/b4hrw / http://www.multiupload.nl/X8AVTGCMXU

    From pete_uk comes a LEGO Lord of the Rings PS3 EBOOT Fix below as well stating the following:

    Download: LEGO-LOTR.rar / EBOOT.rar (signed with 3.40 keys and sys_proc_param also changed - Mirror)

    As this is signed for 4.25, It will not work on Rebug. So I resigned it. It may work on 3.55+ but can't test it myself. I haven't tested it much, but it boots to the menu on Rebug 4.21

    Also below is a PS3 patch fix for Under Defeat HD by richdotward:

    Just out. Signed with 4.25 keys: http://www.4shared.com/rar/i3eszapB/...EAT_HD_DE.html

    Tested on 4.21 rogero. Only use the sfo if you get the you need to update your firmware to 4.25 (mm should auto patch but mine is playing up - this sfo set to 4.21). Supposed to work with 3.55 according to the new TrueAncestor 1.5 spec.

    Finally, here is one more Under Defeat (REX) Fix by harryoke with help from haz367 who hinted: to all, fix the 2 param_sys values if your getting 80010009 on 4.25 on 4.21CFW.

    More PlayStation 3 News...

  10. #6700
    gondra21 Guest
    mirror: http://rghost.net/41594863

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