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    Quote Originally Posted by rc4evr View Post
    BLES01627-[Disney Epic Mickey 2 The Power of Two]

    I just had a peek at some of the file contents and saw at least 3 sdat files. It'll probably be a while for those of us on 3.41/3.55 before we see a working fix.
    thats sad but still not losing hope. ice age 4 has sdat files too. but it was fixed for 3.55

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    sdats doesn't mean impossible ... just maybe a little more challenging

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    Thanks Dupplex team you are great!

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    OHH LORD! WHERE ARE YOU NOW!! Plz, guys, its HITMAN!! fix 3.55!! omg! plz!

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    That F1 Race Stars is a problem. I've tried patching it and so far no luck at all. Even COD BO2 is a problem. None of the DLC works and I cant get it to boot with the 1.02 patch. I'm using 421REX.

    Some games work fine, just about all older games even some with patches work fine but the newer ones don't work unless you patch them and no updates work at all.

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    thanks DUPLEX great job

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    you didn't post sonic racing 3.55 eboot fix

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    I search for post by ZombieKillah, but nothing about DOA5 1.02 update. Anyone know where it is? Thanks!

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    hitman not work on 3.55, black screen..

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    TETRIS (PSN) please...

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