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    superjon27 Guest
    Is anyone able to patch Black Ops2 to 1.02 on CFW 3.55?

  2. #6662
    PS3GAMER20111 Guest
    there is no fully working 3.41/3.55 fix for COD black ops 2 1.02 patch, but duplex 1.00 patch works well for 3.55.

  3. #6663
    wwywong Guest
    Anyone patch DOA5 1.02 update yet? Thanks!

  4. #6664
    tulla2010 Guest
    there is a working 1.02 patch for b/o 2 lemme go see where it is, i've installed on my ps3 & it works.



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    akirax Guest
    Thanks for this awesome post!

  6. #6666
    Hernaner28 Guest
    Please fix Resident Evil 6 Mercenaries Maps !

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    rc4evr Guest
    BLES01627-[Disney Epic Mickey 2 The Power of Two]

    I just had a peek at some of the file contents and saw at least 3 sdat files. It'll probably be a while for those of us on 3.41/3.55 before we see a working fix.

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    eustahija Guest
    I think we can't losing a hope, because DUPLEX released a rip of this game, so if we learned something from the past, DUPLEX team always made a fix! We just need to be patient!

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    rc4evr Guest
    Oh ya I have as much hope and patience as the next person. I just wish it ain't gonna be another nearly impossible title to fix like Starhawk, NBA 2K13, etc.

    Quote Originally Posted by wwywong View Post
    Anyone patch DOA5 1.02 update yet? Thanks!
    ZombieKillah has one out for the BLES version- sorry I don't have a link for it, but a search will probably find it for you.

  10. #6670


    If the links are not supposed to be this was sorry i seen people looking for this so here you guys go ..

    Patches v102 Spoofed to v1337 to stop update prompts. All Region Converted = No passwords

    If your going to install DLC do it first then patch. I forget if the version 1337 will stop it so DLC first.

    * BLACK.OPS.II.v102.ALL.Fixed *








    SIMPLE.TUT.Black.Ops.II.BLES.DLC.Working.on.BLUS.C FW.355/421

    Just for the record i bought BLUS31011 CP Edition from 3ARC = $197.00 ! I was only able to get paid DLC from PSN on OFW-431 + REX 421. Now for CFW 355 i wanted my DLC, i paid in blood for this game..

    I forgot who said they could not get DLC working on different region.? Being i did it, i will just explain for those who want it on CFW 355 & failed.

    Do not copy the entire "USRDIR" to do this.

    Install both v102 patch 355 fixes "BLES01717"+"BLUS31011" for REX 421 use normal patch.
    Install DUPLEX BLES01717 DLC & then start up MultiMAN OS.

    Browse to dev_hdd0/game/BLES01717" & "BLUS31011" folders.. Now open 2 windows "side by side" & copy 1 File/Folder at a time.

    The DLC installs extra language files, so this step is necessary. Copy the "English"+"French" folders from inside=> BLES01717/USRDIR <= Copy to "BLUS31011/USRDIR"<= Over wright both "English"+"French" folders.

    The "BLES01717/PARAM.SFO+x2 selfs+EBOOT.BIN/ICON.PNG <=Leave them alone.

    DLC folders copy from BLES to BLUS: BLES01717\USRDIR <="dlc0"+"dlczm0" to => BLUS31011\USRDIR <= "dlc0"+"dlczm0")

    Next copy 2 edats "BLES01717/USRDIR" =>"dlc0.edat"+"dlczm0.edat" Copy them to BLUS10311/USRDIR <= "dlc0.edat"+"dlczm0.edat")

    I fired up Black ops II BLUS10311 & the DLC is working. I verify it works on my CP edition or any Black ops with English/French.

    You can probably extract some files & do FTP to be faster but i did it this way cause i knew the language folders had the extra DLC files i needed. So far it ok. If you have any problem. Try after doing this ,install my patch over the top of the files you copied so then the DLC few files will be different I believe they are all the same though for these to Regions.

    If you have a game with English this will work as long as you play in English.. reason is the language for DLC only supports French/English so this is why it did not work for those why tried with a 1 language game. If your game has English & Spanish the DLC does not so = Black screen if you try to play in Spanish. You can probably modify the language in DLC to get this working for you.

    You need official DLC with your language & replace the DUPLEX English/French with yours, if you have just 1 language. I would leave English in & try to change the other one. The reason i did it like this is i wanted to keep my game BLUS10311.



    If any are corrupt please PM me about it so i know & i can re upload. If you are a Glitcher do not install this update. This update will only patch glitches you want. If you want it to fix issues, or other intentions.? Then it is for you CFW 341+ BLACK OPS 7 Regions v103 Patch Updates - No Passwords.


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