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  1. #6631
    rokko Guest
    i forgot that tried to modify the 1.02 update and installed it now deleted it and this game now works

  2. #6632
    BBoy Chrif Guest
    Thanks my friend you are the hero

  3. #6633
    onibox Guest
    Working like a charm on Duplex 3.55 too!

  4. #6634
    hilongo Guest
    Finally! Seems this is the working one!!

  5. #6635
    superjon27 Guest
    Are you guys able to do this with the 1.02 patch as well as the Nuketown DLC? If so, what files do I use to install and in what order? Thank you for your response.

  6. #6636
    onibox Guest
    148 download on my upload.. OMG! rsrsrs really work! idk about other versions, but what i upload WORK, normal game and DLC nuketown!

  7. #6637
    kolabi Guest
    Thank you DUPLEX you really are the best

  8. #6638
    superjon27 Guest
    With 1.02?

  9. #6639
    scarface1689 Guest
    can someone tell me if there is a working fix for zone of the enders hd yet?

  10. #6640
    Hernaner28 Guest
    WHY hasn't anybody taken care of the freaking Resident Evil 6 DLC Maps for MercenarieS! ANSWER ME! Please, I'm desperate to play this 1-dolar maps... I cannot believe we don't have it yet when we have really expensive DLCs. propJoe! If you are watching this please give it a try!

    Or anyone who knows how to fix DLC. I mean, the DLC ADDS THREEE!! maps for Mercenaries! That is the double of what we have right now!! Open your eyes people! It's a big DLC! We cannot miss it. I cannot believe we don't have it yet when we got other trash DLCs...

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