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    G Sus Guest
    if you still have the update that you used when you were on 4.21 , install it and see if it fixes it. if it does the new 4.30 rogero is really 4.21 spoofed to 4.30.

    there's a good possibility it is, and if so the problem will occur on a few games but would be easily solved by installing the update meant for 4.21

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    BBoy Chrif Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by StanSmith View Post
    For me it installed but doesn't show up anywhere. Where am I supposed to see it? Is it Multiplayer online only or LAN or where in the game? Or is it a singleplayer mission? I thought it was a multiplayer map?
    Call Of Duty Black Ops II Nuketown 2025 is a Bonus Multiplayer Map

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    kiwto Guest
    why dont people understand that this game dont work on cfw 3.55. the problem is not game data. THE problem is SAVED GAME DATA. if you just keep on releasing 3.55 fix of the eboot and self is not going to work because the problem is already inside the damn eboot so if anyone going to fix this it has to be within the eboot. thank you n god bless black ops 2

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    onibox Guest
    Anyone with a WORKING BO2, can upload one savegame plz? lets test!

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    matt101 Guest
    does black ops 2 work online with 3.40 cfw rogero for any of you cfw users.. multiplayer... keeps saying server not online.. but on my phat ofw 3.41 with original disk ...online works fine... hmmm... nfs mw works online backup as well as original disk

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    kiwto Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by onibox View Post
    Anyone with a WORKING BO2, can upload one savegame plz? lets test!
    i tested that and it does not work man

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    shery21 Guest
    can anyone tell me which doa5 duplex version is perfectly working on cfw 3.55 the one that i have is freezing on 3rd stage help pls

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    BBoy Chrif Guest

  9. #6609
    kombat75 Guest
    how about the eboot from duplex also hang on story mode level 3 ?

    Hey guys... as you mention we just need t delete the game data.. which files does game data was ? I don't encounter this but not really sure which is the game data files need to delete ... does it mean Eboot.bin and Param.sfo <---- this 2 are game data?

    If not which is the game data just need to delete??


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    matt101 Guest
    game data on xmb

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