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  1. #6591
    Blade86 Guest
    Playing Nuketown 2025 on rogero 4.21 1.09 online

    Thank you soo much

  2. #6592
    babyjoe00069 Guest
    Saints Row 3 the full package requires 4.25 wont play on rebug there you go thats one game whahaha lol

  3. #6593
    G Sus Guest
    have you actually checked that it dont work ?

  4. #6594
    Hernaner28 Guest
    Does anyone here want the DLCs for Resident Evil 6 ? The Mercs maps? Nooone?

  5. #6595
    rc4evr Guest
    Help please... I have at least 220 PSN titles and don't want the hassle of resigning them all, but also want to play the newer titles. Is rebug 4.21 CFW my best option? Or if I go with rogero, is there an easy way to resign all my PSN stuff? Thank you!

  6. #6596
    eustahija Guest
    Guys, 3.55 fix for CoD Black Ops 2 is leaked and working, but links missed! Just waiting little bit and playing my favorite FPS game until dawn...

    This information I got from very trusty dev who fixed many games in the past. But, send me a message again couple of minutes ago and said the game freeze after a few minutes of playing. He said also that he would try everything to fix this error. So, we must be waiting again.

  7. #6597
    djoedje2012 Guest

    Big Grin

    I hope so... cause i don't want to give up on 3.55 just yet. I will wait patiently...

    Also from oakhead69:Ice Age 4: Continental Drift [3.41-3.55]


  8. #6598
    Blade86 Guest
    Plz care guys: In Roger cfw 4.21 1.09 i could play bo2 online, but on rogero cfw 4.30 it cant connect to bo2-server...

  9. #6599
    G Sus Guest
    is it a true 4.30 cfw or is it 4.21 with inbuilt version spoof files. cos if its the later one, if you kept the update pkg from when you were on 4.21 just install it and it should fix the problem. if its true 4.30 cfw i've no idea why.

    only thing i could think of is delete internet settings and set them back up again, using auto setup i think the original rogero 4.30v1 was really a 4.21 spoofed to 4.30

    maybe this one is too.. when the original caused loads of bricks he removed the spoofing and released 4.21cfw which was stable. then he re-released 4.30 so maybe its just spoofed like the original one was. i could be wrong though.

  10. #6600
    Blade86 Guest
    My mistake , i meant: Rogero 4.30 v1.04...

    And Internet-settings should be fine, MW3 runs perfectly...

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