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  1. #6551
    BBoy Chrif Guest
    Little Big Planet - Karting DLC Unlocker REPACK.PS3-DUPLEX

    Little Big Planet - Karting: Time Saver and Preorder DLC PKG


    Enjoy with Special Thanks to DUPLEX Team

  2. #6552
    Hernaner28 Guest
    Why don't you release a DLC unlocker for Resident Evil 6 DUPLEX? Mercs maps are already on disk, it shouldn't take much. Please

    Someone support my request ... T.T

  3. #6553
    Bluebomb Guest
    Here is Saints Row The Third The Full Package (BLUS31062) Fix. Replace EBOOT and PARAM in the game folder with my fixed ones and enable BD Mirror under options in multiMAN for the game. Enjoy!

    http://rghost.net/41511175 This game is complete with ALL DLC included!

  4. #6554
    Foo Guest
    I ain't decrypt the EBOOT I extracted all the codes from the game. I never really tried the EBOOT but I guess it's worth a shot O.o

  5. #6555
    scarface1689 Guest
    is anyone working on a zone of the enders hd fix?

  6. #6556
    DragoMaster95 Guest
    Fix Save Dbz Hd collection on cfw 3.55? Please

  7. #6557
    Bluebomb Guest
    Could someone please try this ZOE HD Collection fix that I made and let us know if it works so everyone can enjoy. Thanks!

    Reported as not working.

  8. #6558
    rc4evr Guest
    Thanks for the post, but I believe Duplex (Saints Row The Third The Full Package (BLUS31062) Fix) beat you to it.

  9. #6559
    Bluebomb Guest
    Sorry, I didn't see that. I've been working on updates and I figured that I would post that fix. Thanks

  10. #6560
    BlackDeath Guest


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