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    Oct 2010
    For 3.55 CFW, 1.02 Fixes:

    LES 01717 Fix:
    BLUS 31011 Fix:

    can anyone confirm if these work for 3.55 or how to install them etc. i haven't done this for ages.wouldn't have a clue myself.

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    Not working.. still waiting for a fix

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    Nov 2012
    This one works 100% on my phat

    Duplex 3.55 eboot f1 2012

    Duplex F1 2012 VIP Pass Hack

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    Quote Originally Posted by ariark View Post
    hi is there any or anyone can give an alternative link for I Am Alive fixed... i can't seem to download the one that are available...
    Here :


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    Nov 2010

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    Black Ops II on Rogero CEX4 30 V1.03 video:

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    Fix 3.55 1.02 Don't work. Save data corrupted.

    and when I open pkg (with pkgviewer) I dont see any EBOOT.BIN why ? o,o

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    need black ops 2 3.55 fix. delete game save error still persists

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    seems like doa5 needs an online pass too

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    OHHH! please don't tell me that when you install a new CFW the boot logo says "ROGERO" ??!! NOOO!!! MY god! I don't want that!

    Definitely not going to install rogero just because of that crappy logo saying "ROGERO". The console is called "PS3" not "ROGERO".

    BTW a CFW should not modify any flash file, should it? We have DEX to ruin flash files... not CFW.

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