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  1. #6521
    Rand023 Guest
    Hey anyone want to play xbslink with this release?

    cloud called [PS3] Black Ops 2 if anyone wants to join

  2. #6522
    stingray1059 Guest
    if in case i want a 4.xx firmware, what should you guys recommend? rogero , ermac or rebug?

  3. #6523
    Rand023 Guest
    i went with rebug and it seems very stable just updated today tho

  4. #6524
    StanSmith Guest
    Yea Rebug is a lot better than Rogero. I tried Rogero and went back to Rebug 5 mins later. Its unstable and just crappy.

    I've been trying to get F12012 working all day and just gave up and now you show the patch... damn it, now I gotta go back to it.

    I"m not sure why buy I cant get most games working in 4.21REX without a patch and even then some games still wont work. F1 2012 is one of those games. It runs but wont install. It asks for update, it updates and still runs but wont install.

    In 3.55 it installed, I even patched the update and it worked fine but in 4.21 it wont go past the F1 2012 logo with the spinning circle. I tried normal and BDMirror modes both with the same result. It just wont install.

    4.21 is nice for older games but there is still a lot of protection we need to get around.

  5. #6525
    Foo Guest
    Yesssss. Time to decrypt it before release.. just like I did MW3. *fyea*

  6. #6526
    ariark Guest
    hi is there any or anyone can give an alternative link for I Am Alive fixed... i can't seem to download the one that are available...

  7. #6527
    babyjoe00069 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by hilongo View Post
    Sorry babyjoe00069 ... but I deleted the game after finishing it a long time ago to recover some space for new games only kept the FIX... so I don't have the patched files
    It's all good my friend actually the game i downloaded was prepatched with this fix and ripped to about 20 gigs i guess ill just deal with the loading time lol

  8. #6528
    elser1 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Foo View Post
    Yesssss. Time to decrypt it before release.. just like I did MW3. *fyea*
    you be a legend if you can get bop2 working on 3.55 bro.. hehe

  9. #6529
    StanSmith Guest
    Has others tried my patch for BO2 I posted yesterday? Its working for me in 4.21REX but its a 3.55 patch.

  10. #6530
    ziddiri Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by hilongo View Post
    Here you go mate http://rghost.net/41488018 UC3-355FULLFiX.rar

    Whoever try this.. let me know if it works!
    I've tried once and unfortunately these fixes are for 3.55 and they doesn't work with 4.30. I've tried without updates and installing all updates. Still no luck. I've also tried 1.15 fix which is given here. None of them worked.

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