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  1. #6501
    YuuZA Guest
    From their recent bunch of .nfo files

    "DUPLEX will not patch updates for you because we think the base retail version is enough to test out a game."

    That means no UPDATES fixed by DUPLEX because they want you to "test" the game and if you like it, support and buy the game.

  2. #6502
    niwakun Guest
    lol, REBUG wins for me 10/10 because of:

    - No bricks (as long as installation was done correctly and not interrupted)
    - Probably feature rich (I really love how REX can switch Debug kernel to by a flick of a Cross Button on a controller, plus 100% compatibility on games who had broken BD lens!!)
    - patched vsh.self to allow unsigned act.dat and .rif files.
    - installation is just too easy where you will not be dealing with recovery mode for installing such CFW.

    Rogero and untested ermac CFW:

    - nice CFW to try out but not the 4.3x since it had weird bugs on it and probably not worth installing to
    - high possibility of bricking the console, randomly
    - only recommended who had their PS3 with flashers just in case that ladyluck is not on your side

    Although both of them had bad sides:

    - Bad support on multi-drive USB, yeah you can only plug 1 USB external drive on USB (USB_000 only) but except four port USB console (PS3 BC consoles) who can use atmost 3 slots of the USB except the port (USB_006)
    - PS2 games dont work on both CFW

  3. #6503
    Ninjafury Guest
    Is this an english language for the cod 2?

  4. #6504
    ziddiri Guest
    I've installed Rogero 4.30 1.03 and it has no luck with untouched Uncharted 3.

  5. #6505
    babyjoe00069 Guest
    Uncharted 3 works install the updates via multiman.. and play game takes forever to load the ring spins forever but it will play i did have an issue when opening drakes journalk with select button game froze i have same firmware on my slim ps3

  6. #6506
    hilongo Guest
    If I remember correctly ... there was a similar problem with the ring spinning forever on Uncharted 3 ... back then when I played ...

    There was a fix that solved it changing a bunch of files and using PSARC.exe... maybe you could use that... before updating it...

    I'll upload it if you want to

  7. #6507
    babyjoe00069 Guest
    If you have those fixed files that'd be great takes like 6 minutes then game starts... pretty cool fighting sequence to play through i enjoy the controls but YES uncharted 3 does work on 4.30 firmware no need for eboot switches or patches enter multiman press square on game, go to update, install the 3 updates it downloads and play just wait for that spinning ring it'll start... or hopefully this guy has a faster work around looking forward to that upload hilango thanks

  8. #6508
    Hernaner28 Guest
    Hahah don't make me laugh. AC III is a clear example... DUPLEX, you cannot play both sides of the coin

  9. #6509
    evilpdor Guest
    Yes is a paradox duplex say: "stay on 3.55 firmware" but only cfw 4.xx can use the update... and they don't release any update. Time to upgrade to new cfw? I don't be able to play my ORIGINAL game in a 3.55 console! wtf DUPLEX?

    I have purchased the game but cannot enjoy the game with fix! No update = no ragion to stay on 3.55. We are not all pirate, not everyone can do or know how DUMP a game, we have 1 or 2 console, we have many games, and play without BD is a FEATURE.

    My 2 cents

  10. #6510
    hilongo Guest
    Here you go mate http://rghost.net/41488018 UC3-355FULLFiX.rar

    Whoever try this.. let me know if it works!

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