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  1. #6491
    Ecina Guest

    As you may have seen me mention previously, I'm still on 3.41 + JB dongle. After seeing Rebug release their 4.21 I was interested in making a move to that. Did you consider this particular CFW at all or was it a no brainer to go with Rogero 4.3?

  2. #6492
    elser1 Guest
    Call of Duty Black Ops II PS3 (BLES01717) 3.55 Fix Patch (Unconfirmed, Needs Testing) by bitsbubba

    my mate can 100% confirm this doesn't work on 3.55 old rebug. corrupted data delete thingy.

    guess just wait for retail in a few days and buy it guys or wait for duplex fix or 4.21 cfw and get banned from psn.

  3. #6493
    ziddiri Guest
    I will test nonpatched Uncharted 3 after installing rogero 4.30 1.03 and multiman 4.10. Because I couldn't make it work iwth 4.30 1.00 rogero.

  4. #6494
    onibox Guest
    Well i still gonna be on 3.55.. at last, need someone to test games on this firm right?

  5. #6495
    leftpimp Guest
    Ecina, it was a no brainer mainly based on the CFW capabilities. I was a fan of the 3.41 + JB dongle (i made a guide for a few friends that wanted to go that route) i see what rebug 4.21 and this new ermac 4.30 and rogero had to offer and shared their perspective pros and cons. rogero won needless to say.

    also for all of you having issues with getting uncharted 3 working here is a little info. get yourself a copy of the uncharted GOTY (game of the year) edition and find the patch for that and it works wonders for 3.55. i couldn't get the regular version to work.. lol

  6. #6496
    yllan Guest
    hello to all.. here is a patch for cfw3.55 [BLES01717] [RETAIL]fixer Call of Duty Black Ops II.rar


    it works for me internally

  7. #6497
    YuuZA Guest
    ^^ patch looks legit, self files patched, .dat file also patched along with trophy and eboot.bin so test away guys. We got major maintenance with our telecoms provider so i can't test (BLOPSII DL'ng since 3am GMT+2 (21hrs)) lol.

    Thanks yllan

  8. #6498
    FaawZii Guest
    Duplex, can you fix update 1.02 BO2 for 3.55 ? all fix released dont work..

  9. #6499
    onibox Guest
    tested... Still the same.. Data Corrupted

  10. #6500
    plamenz Guest
    yeah, same here

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