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  1. #6481
    evilpdor Guest
    don't work*

    Yes you need to resign the update 1.15 in the pkg, eboot files end the self if exist I can resign for you, but i can't test it

  2. #6482
    SambucaSebi Guest
    hi there, can someone fix Tales.of.graces.F.EUR.PS3-iNSOMNi?? I would like to play the Game Nice Weekend and thanks

  3. #6483
    ziddiri Guest
    I resigned 1.15's eboot and disc's eboot file with this: http://www.ps4news.com/ps3-hacks-jai...b-is-released/

    But this time I've got 8001009 As far as I saw there isn't any self file in Uncharted 3.

  4. #6484
    evilpdor Guest
    Here, its my ebootfix for cfw4.21, install pkg and play, i hope it work

    Uncharted3_upd115-ONLY.cfw421-MPI.rar passwd multiplayer-italia.com

    but i think it don't need to be resigned, because it require 3.60 fw, will be a problem with the cfw 4.30?




  5. #6485
    ziddiri Guest
    I'm trying it now. Thanks a lot. I'll be inform here if it is working.

    Yep but it stucks on first loading screen with a ring is spinning with original files. I haven't seen the main menu yet.

    The pkg is installed but it is still waiting with a spinning ring. Same as before

  6. #6486
    evilpdor Guest
    (for me) its a problem with this cfw, we need some feedback from other user... I will never change my 3.55

  7. #6487
    onibox Guest
    Yeah, i dont wanna change.. already have 256 games (exclude psns) on 3.55 im' not gonna change because 1 game.. but if games on future start that.. yeah.. resign 256 eboot gonna be on my future..

  8. #6488
    filipay Guest
    dude... you can still play your old games on 4.21 REX. MultiMan does the job. It's only that some PSN games might not work.

  9. #6489
    ziddiri Guest
    Someone could play with 3.55 fix in rogero 4.30. But I haven't able to see even the main menu, yet.

  10. #6490
    leftpimp Guest
    ok everyone i did the impossible and upgraded from 3.55 to rogero 4.30, something i didn't think i would ever do ONLY because there is a lot of chatter about issues but now that rogero is on v1.03 i can confidently say that it was a good idea. COD BO2 IS working for me now. every game i had store in a folder on my computer called "not patched yet" is now working.

    from an experienced gamer to all of you unsure to make the switch, make it and lets do away with focusing on eboot patches for now. thank you to all that worked with 3.55 and rogero for opening up the PS3 CFW world for us. if anyone is timid, i say upgrade... you seriously do not see a difference besides working games and a the word rogero when you start up your console. leftpimp out!

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