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    Dec 2010
    Runs perfectly!!

    - CHECHG04 256MB-NAND
    - 4.21-CEX-CFW Rogero v1.09
    - DUPLEX-Release FTPed to internal hdd [without Patch its a 80010009 or something]
    - Official 1.02 Patch [downloaded via pc, NOT ps3]
    - Only tested offline!!!

    This scene.... wordless

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    Feb 2012
    I updated to 4.21REX the other day. This BO2 patch is the first and probably only patch I will release without testing first. The other patches I released I tested before releasing myself including the LBP Karting patch. It didn't work until I patched it and it still wont work when I update it so I like many others have to wait for someone else to patch the update.

    Oh the point, as I updated I can no longer test 3.55 patches thats why i couldn't test the BO2 patch.

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    ahh ok. thanks for the heads up. i will try to test for 3.55 and post results.

    Update on BO2 i tested with the 1.02v patch and it get the an error so that does not work for 3.55 however, i am going to reload to my HDD the original and this time NOT use the 1.02v patch to see if it runs.. (not online unfortunately)

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    Did you get Black Ops II working? For some reason I try like it says for 4.21 rex and it takes me back to the XMB. I'll continue trying later today

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    Aug 2012
    So just wondering if there's actually a proper fixed for sleeping dog which doesn't crash?? i don't remember who but someone was saying that the duplex fixed crashed after 15 minutes of playing...

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    Oct 2006

    Are you playing the USA (BLUS) or EUR (BLES) version? I've been using Duplex's EUR (BLES) fix since last weekend and I've not had any crashing on my 3.41 JB dongle.

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    Mar 2011
    No crash for me too on duplex release... Play for 1hr already...

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    Aug 2009
    well its easy, someone can upload save for BO2? lets me a test

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    Aug 2012
    i'm using BLES01661 on kmew 3.55... so does mean that i wont have any problem with duplex fix? oh ok cool thanks for answering...

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    well COD BO2 gives the error: COD BO2 save data is corrupt, delete the save data or quit the game. well i am experienced enough to know i do not have any saved data for this game. so this is a no go for 3.55 users for now. so should i throw in the towel and upgrade to rogero 4.30? ive been so loyal to 3.55CFW.. lol

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