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  1. #6451
    StanSmith Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by justev View Post
    Tested files. the game boots but asks to delete a corrupted save which doesnt exist. So you have to quit to the xmb.

    Thanks anyway
    Try with the original SELF files. The other 2 patches that are floating around are only EBOOTS.

    I still have to wait about 2 days before I find out.

    Quote Originally Posted by elser1 View Post
    just got my retail copy today. i'll lend it to my mate with jb and will report back if fix works.

    i love fps games. i love most types of games. each to their own eh!
    Is it in the shops? I might go rent it then.

  2. #6452
    yigal33 Guest
    we can play multiplayer now? its safe? because the game is not at store.

  3. #6453
    onibox Guest
    Oh YES Yigal33!! You can play online with a unrelease game.. nothing gonna happens with you... tsk tsk... NO U CANT PLAY.. DONT ENTER ONLINE UNTIL TOMORROW TO PLAY THAT.. Warning given.. and thank you for news guys!

  4. #6454
    Mesutg Guest
    no no no dont go online, the release date is 13/11 dont go online until then. Ban Risk!!!

  5. #6455
    Roaf Guest
    Geez over 19GB ? It will take 3-4 days for me to download, cuz my connection is 100kb/sec, my country connection sucks.

  6. #6456
    justev Guest
    People going online with a cfw have been stating bans.

    Wheres as retail users have been unaffected unconfirmed but thats good enough for me.

  7. #6457
    onibox Guest
    None patch working on 3.55.. at last on External HD.. coping now to internal

  8. #6458
    Douche69 Guest
    I've tested ALL the fixes as well and none are working. All come up with the corrupt save data error.

    I doubt transferring to internal will fix that too.

  9. #6459
    onibox Guest
    Same error here D! None.. External/Internal BDon BDoff and bla blah.. not working on 3.55

  10. #6460
    leftpimp Guest
    I've had some time on my hands and decided to test some of the eboot fixes on the "sticky" forum and realize after that darkebootfixer came out, everyone and their mother decided to "try" (god bless there hearts) to create eboots and post them as "working" eboots. so for us 3.55 guys it seems that:

    NHL 13: not working
    FIFA 13: not working
    ZOE HD collection: black screen when load either game after the title screen
    Angry birds Tri: load title page but no game play
    PES 13: I got a "can not load game data" error
    Black OPS 2: testing after i write this

    We all truly appreciate the help from everyone but if your releasing eboots please note them as not tested... or just test them yourselves.

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