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    StanSmith Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by PS3GAMER20111 View Post
    By the way buddy its Sony's console not ours.
    Ummm, I do believe I'm the one that paid money for it. Its in my house so its mine NOT Sonys. If its Sony's then they better give me a full refund then they can take it. Till then its mine and I will do what I want with it.

    I brought it, I didn't rent it. Oh, and if it is Sony's then why did they make me pay them $250AUD to fix it. If it was theirs then they would've fixed it for free.

  2. #6412
    privat Guest
    Silent Hill Downpour Fix 1.01 (BLUS30565).


    Ext hdd + BR insert.

    N.B.: Remember that before starting to install the game data (not the fix) it takes about 4 min. of black screen, patience!

  3. #6413
    jsouza2012 Guest
    Where is the fix of gaming??

    Starhawk and Heavy Fire Afghanistain

  4. #6414
    OEPRules Guest
    thanks for Plants Vs Zombies

  5. #6415
    flaviud Guest
    can you please upload angry birds trilogy BLES01732? thx

  6. #6416
    StanSmith Guest
    It's here: http://www.ps4news.com/forums/ps3-cf...ys-124742.html

    Boss, I think you need to make that page more known.

  7. #6417
    flaviud Guest
    i need the game, not the eboot patch. i have the blus version but there is no good fix for it, yet. thx. and the bles version i couldn't find it

  8. #6418
    StanSmith Guest
    nobody is goign to upload the game for you. You will have to go find it yourself.

  9. #6419
    flaviud Guest
    a link then, maybe. if you can. thx

  10. #6420
    rc4evr Guest
    There are several new titles such as these that aren't fixable atm, especially by the non-official scene community. It's going to take a group like Duplex or unsane to fix them and it might be a while. Look how long we waited for DOA5. Duplex had a heckuva time with that one!

    I suspect they're working on many of the titles we haven't seen fixes for yet, I just wish everybody realized they have to be a little more patient and quit asking questions like this.

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