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    Quote Originally Posted by StanSmith View Post
    Oh, Sony banned my account coz they said I have a hacked PS3. If your PS3 is connected to a network it ALWAYS sends data to Sony if your connected to PSN or not. I was on 3.55CFW and the official firmware at that time was 3.60. I was never online and they still banned me. I told them to prove I have CFW or hacked my PS3 and they hang up on me. I only played games offline never online so the only way they know I had CFW on my PS3 is via their spyware.

    That torrent site is still going but its Polish and I dont speak Polish so they kicked me off... I think thats the reason why? I dont read Polish.
    if you connected to PSN, yes, Sony sent and received some data back to server PSN. I wont try it to go online with CFW hacked PSN.
    cause We are never know, if Sony has a new security or not, when We go online with CFW hacked PSN.

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    Thanks but this link is dead. I mean the file is not there. Just the description of the game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PS3GAMER20111 View Post
    After hearing your case i play online even more in order to test that they would ban me or not lol. but i don't think they are banning accounts right now because it could piss of those on OFW. but i always go online fingers crossed. i never enabled internet access without latest spoofer. i think this was your mistake.
    As I said I NEVER played online. After 3.56 I didn't go on PSN either.

    To all that dont believe me, go get Charles and set it up for the PS3 then you will see how much is sent to Sony. The second you turn on the console Sony know its turned on and booting up. Then when you launch anything they also know that. You wouldn't believe what Sony know about your console even that its on 3.55CFW UNLESS you did what I did and made a CFW with all those checks removed.

    I also think what contributed to them banning my account was in the PS forums I said it was easy to cheat in singleplayer games. They banned my account there first because I said that. Again, banned for speaking without proof. They have no proof what I said was real as how can you prove someone is cheating in singleplayer OFFLINE?

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    Please re-upload the ff:

    Resident Evil 6 - BLES01465

    RESIDENT EVIL 6 - BLES01465 update 1.02 fix PKG from kachijs

    THANKS... What should I do with the ".edat" fix of a certain game?

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    Quote Originally Posted by StanSmith View Post
    As I said I NEVER played online.
    If they want to ban anyone on CFW they will just ban him/her without any proof (but they have enough data). By the way buddy its Sony's console not ours.

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    Sports Champions 2 fix for 3.55 ??

    plzz make this fix...

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    ZoE gives black screen after game selection. Just as previous fix.

    Its already out.

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    Yup, this seems to be a phantom release as far as being a non-purchase acquisition.

    If a 3.55 Sports Champions 2 fix is already out, please provide a link. I tried with a search and came up empty!

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    Oh my bad. That fix was unproper.

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