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  1. #6311
    rc4evr Guest
    It doesn't appear like there's any valid 3.41/3.55 fix right now for this release. Until something new comes out for fixing, we're playing the waiting game again for this title and many other recent releases. Rebug 421.1 is starting to look more and more tempting to me by the hour.

  2. #6312
    jabberosx Guest
    Any chance of getting the Killzone HD from PSN anytime soon ?

  3. #6313
    kalaner Guest
    Finally someone make a eboot for this game, but does this works on CFW3.55?

    Please if not make one, i have been looking for it seens the release day.

  4. #6314
    bernywtf Guest
    Fix 3.55 Toy Story Mania BLUS31048.rar (12.53 MB)


    i didn't made nor tried this one, saw it on a website and since it's not present in the eboot thread am linking it.

  5. #6315
    hilongo Guest
    Please ... stop looking for it... download the patch and test it on 3.55 ... let us know if it works!


  6. #6316
    Tek9 Guest
    Here's another fix made by yours truly for the game Midway Arcade Origins 3.55 fix get it here: http://wikisend.com/download/195870/BLUS31083 3.55 Fix.rar

    Tested 100% working here on 3.55 kmeaw

  7. #6317
    kalaner Guest
    I tried http://rghost.net/41407657 on 3.55 and the only thing i get is black screen and the ps3 stops working!

  8. #6318
    hilongo Guest
    Hmmm... that's bad news

    Did you tried BD-Mirror option ON .... or with an original BD inserted? ...

  9. #6319
    kalaner Guest
    I tried with both, but no change: black screen and the ps3 stops working!

  10. #6320
    Bluebomb Guest
    Could one of the moderators please put the rar password with the download links on the 3.55 EBOOT page, for the RDR Undead Nightmare unlocker? It would make it a lot easier for the downloader! Thanks

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