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    Bluebomb Guest
    The update cracks are for 2 purposes. 1. To enable the use of online. 2. To "fix" bugs and "improve/add to" gameplay.

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    kolabi Guest
    the emulation of the bd-drive is so the game can run(boot) , all new games are made to run on firmwares > than 3.55 so we need to patch them with eboot patches so they are signed on firmware =< than 3.55, if you run older (<3.55)games , you dont need any patching

  3. #6293
    jabberosx Guest
    Alright. Here is the real reason. This game is a NPDRM game. I.E PSN game which runs direct from XMB. Not a full game disc backup. As such if you run this game without the "crack" it will only run in demo mode. Even if you have the edat in place. As there is NO corresponding entry in the act.dat file on your PS3 for that edat.

    So the eboot is "cracked" to ignore the act.dat check and just look at the edat and be happy and run as full unlocked game. And THAT is why you need the crack. Hope this helps clarifies the issue.

  4. #6294
    elser1 Guest
    thanks anyways mate but its dodgy. i appreciate your effort though big time mate.

    i hope someone can fix this game.i want it so bad and would buy it if it wasnt $50 au in psn store.. .rip of!!! LOL

  5. #6295
    Bluebomb Guest
    And now we have ALL of the reasons for every aspect of the PS3! BTW Well said!

    Quote Originally Posted by stingray1059 View Post
    bluebomb can you fix this patch for nba 2k13?

    Try this. Install official 1.01 update, then my crack. Let me know if it works, so everyone can enjoy. Thanks! http://rghost.net/41398162

  6. #6296
    UltimaD87 Guest
    Yes very much thanks all

  7. #6297
    letsjustplay Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Bluebomb View Post
    Try this. Install official 1.01 update, then my crack. Let me know if it works, so everyone can enjoy. Thanks! http://rghost.net/41398162
    black screen. thanks anyway.


  8. #6298
    rc4evr Guest
    Is there a working 3.41/3.55 v1.01 fixed pkg for Little Big Planet Kart Racing in existence? The one I found loads the game to a certain point where there's an animation of a character racing/circling a little globe and it doesn't progress beyond that point.

    Also found a few eboot fixes that don't work, either. I've seen reports of it working for the CFW 4.xx people after applying the retail 1.01 update, but no confirmation of anything working for our CFW versions.

  9. #6299
    StanSmith Guest
    I bit the bullet and updated to Rebug 4.21.1 REX. I had to mod a few files so they work but so far its ok.

    Now to the patch. In 3.55CFW I could get UFC Undisputed 3 loading but it locked up after a few mins. Now in 4.21.1 REX it still loads but it doesn't lock up. So I thought I'd share the eboot and see how others go with it.

    It might still lock up on 3.55 or it might've been just me. http://rghost.net/41403817

  10. #6300
    dyceast Guest
    ^^^ I think I am going to bite the bullet as well, i've always wanted to play UFC 3 to!

    Looks like Rebug takes the win so far... If nothing changes/updates over 24 hours, when i get on the web again, I will be converting

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