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  1. #6281
    Bluebomb Guest
    Here is Borderlands 2 (BLUS30982) V1.02 update fix. Install V1.02 official update, then my crack package. Enjoy! http://rghost.net/41396244

    Here is Brink (BLUS30310) V1.04 update fix. Install official V1.04 update, (included here), then my crack package. Enjoy! http://rghost.net/41396460

    Here is Bulletstorm V1.03 update fix. Install official V1.03 update, then my crack package. Enjoy! http://rghost.net/41396731

    Bulletstorm ID is BLUS30651

  2. #6282
    kalaner Guest
    Bluebomb, sorry but the UFC 3 fix didn't work, i just freezed the game after 18% of the installation... Tried a second time 40% and third time 33%... Don't know why...

    Thanks anyway!

  3. #6283
    hilongo Guest
    I have just tested Spec Ops - The Line (BLES01157) and it works like a charm The bad thing is ... I don't know if I've found the fix in this page ... So.. the question is... has someone posted a fix for this game ID around here recently?

  4. #6284
    rc4evr Guest
    The fix and 1.03 fixed update DLC patch worked for my BLUS release. Thank you catalinnc, I wish privat could take lessons from you. It sure would have saved me a lot of time and frustration.

  5. #6285
    pedromaiaz Guest
    if it was from this link... it was me... i found it and ive share it... and it works!!!


  6. #6286
    yak38 Guest
    Hi Dudes,

    is FIFA 13 working on CFW with psn ?


    Also from opoisso893: The Amazing Spiderman update 1.02 BLES01547 (cfw3.55):


  7. #6287
    stingray1059 Guest
    bluebomb can you fix this patch for nba 2k13?


  8. #6288
    Bluebomb Guest
    Here is COD Modern Warfare 3 (BLUS30838) V1.23 fix. Install ALL official updates in order, (1.19, 1.20, 1.21, 1.22, and 1.23), then install my crack package. Enjoy! http://rghost.net/41397825

  9. #6289
    MrDarkZer0 Guest
    new game load screen never end

  10. #6290
    UltimaD87 Guest
    This is going to be dumb question but why should you need the cracks? i thought the disc is emulated so it shouldnt matter? or is the crack for online purposes?

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