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  1. #6271
    abeetude Guest
    i am on kmeaw 3.55, mm x.09 -EUR version of the game, downloaded the privat fix - no go, boots up then kicks back to xmb. external drive

  2. #6272
    Kill3rRAAP Guest

    Resident Evil Operation Racoon City Eboot Fix 3.55

    This are all the files needed to play Racoon City on CFW 3.55. Just replace the files with the ones in your hard drive. Works external not tested on internal.

  3. #6273
    privat Guest
    It's for vs. BLES01288. For this vs. (BLES01288) now can update-fix to 1.01-1.02-1.03 + DLC Free. Tested work 100%!

    I do not vs. BLUS! Sorry.

  4. #6274
    sx1 Guest
    Game works perfectly on 3.41 with all updates, but the game sucks damn hard bad game capcom,

  5. #6275
    privat Guest

  6. #6276
    wwywong Guest
    No Privat, I don't mean the 1.01-1.03 update. I know that is for EUR... I did not use that. I mean the original 1.00 patch (repack by you) (replacing EBOOT.BIN and the files in dll folder)... that doesn't work with CLANDESTiNE USA version. By doesn't work, I mean it work until if you press pause, then try to exit to main menu. Then the game freeze so that you need to press pwr to reboot ps3.

    IS your version CLANDESTiNE USA or another USA version? I heard there is another version of USA that might work... And by work do you mean you can exit once the game started?

    Privat that's the one I use that doesn't work fully. It can go into game, have sound, but when try to exit from game play, it freezes.

  7. #6277
    Daveyshamble501 Guest
    Here is my fix for REORC were you dont need a spoofer to play it , However you will need a spoofer to make a copy of your original game then just replace the files in multi-man with my ones... Enjoy


  8. #6278
    catalinnc Guest
    fix and update 101, 102, 103 all in one for Resident_Evil_Operation_Raccoon_City_USA_PS3-CLANDESTiNE_BLUS30750


    copy BLUS30750 over BLUS30750 retail and you are good to go... if you want to update to 103 install the pkg too...

    P.S this is for blus only... do not use with bles!!!

  9. #6279
    Bluebomb Guest
    Here is Batman Arkham City V1.04. Install official update, (included here), and then my crack package. http://rghost.net/41395982

  10. #6280
    wwywong Guest
    Does this fix the "freeze when pause and exit game" problem?

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