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    Quote Originally Posted by Sum Pro View Post
    Mirror Links?

    Not available in the United States?

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    anyone with resident evil umbrella hd eur version of psn... i want know if any fix this version to work in cfw

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    Aug 2009
    Any sinal from Black ops 2?

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    Nope buddy, there is no fix for it for CFW 3.41/3.55/4.30

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    Saw a Leaked version but nobody with the EBOOT Fix yet. Maybe closer to the release date we will have

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    So that's a problem only exist in USA version? (CLANDESTiNE)

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    Sep 2010
    the testament of sherlok holmes black screen. help

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    Can anyone else confirm that privat fix is not working for CLANDESTiNE USA version? Or for all USA version so to speak? If so, can mod of that EBOOT fix thread clarify the fix is for EUR version only? Thanks!

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    Prince of Persia DLC

    Did any one have Prince of Persia DLC working on CFW 4.21? There is no EBOOT.bin in the package. Please let me know if there is a way to fix edat files for CFW 4.21. Thanks...

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    I can confirm it works with cfw v3.41 external with no other switches. Or are you talking about the update?

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