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    KirasiN91 Guest
    I suggest you do so! Personally though, I took my time to check all the CFWs available at the moment, Rebug was the most suggested, has the most features, and is great to me so far. You can also simply switch from normal to REBUG mode, which spoofs the latest firmware and lets you access PSN (and activate games like Tokyo Jungle!)

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    Bluebomb Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by kratosgow View Post
    This is EU version Can you fix US version?
    Try this and let me know. I have included the official patch. Install official 1st then crack. http://rghost.net/41387154

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    utente Guest
    Gran Turismo 5 BCES00569 aggiornamento 2.09 fix 3.55? Gazie

    Midway Arcade Origins: BLUS31083-[Midway Arcade Origins].zip

    Marvel Super Hero Squad (Requires the uDraw Tablet to play): BLUS30813-[Marvel Super Hero Squad].zip

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    Bluebomb Guest
    The Above is for BLUS30418

    Quote Originally Posted by kalaner View Post
    Bluebomb, here is all the files you need: http://www.mediafire.com/?j3xbbernc1866gn

    Try this and let me know. MAKE A BACK UP OF YOUR ORIGINALS FIRST! http://rghost.net/41387935

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    mohsen1364 Guest

  6. #6256
    Bluebomb Guest
    Here you go! Works flawlessly! Have fun! BCES00569 V2.09 Fixed! http://rghost.net/41388418

  7. #6257
    furientez Guest
    I tested the 1.03 update with the fixed files provided by privat and everything good

  8. #6258
    utente Guest
    Test Drive: Ferrari Racing Legends - BLES01414

    F1 2012 - BLES01664 ?

    BATTLESHIP (BLES01520) - EBOOT FIX CFW 3.55 by Jay-Jay / oakhead69



    DOWNLOAD: http://www.sendspace.com/file/7jxoqv (Password: psx-scene)

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    wwywong Guest

    Fix not fully work on RE Op Raccoon City on the (USA) version

    privat, I tried your fix for the RE Op Raccoon City on the (USA) version, and there seems to be problem. The game starts fine, with sound and all, but it cannot quit the game. When I press pause, and exit the game, it freeze. Have to press pwr to kill it. Do you know why? (Anyone else experience it in their RE Op Raccoon City USA version?)

    Also another time, weird thing happen, I was in the last room in the first stage, and all the member are in the room, but there is a message on screen saying that "all member must be in there to proceed" I ended up restart the game then it go through the 2nd time... weird.

  10. #6260
    rc4evr Guest
    Ya I reported here the freezing when quitting glitch back around when that fix was first issued. I believe yours is the 1st post confirming I wasn't the only person experiencing this same problem. I've since acquired the BLES version, so hopefully I won't have any more problems with this title.

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