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    bluebomb can you take a look at zone of the enders hd? if you tell me what files you need i will upload them

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    Does this game have any .sdat files? If so, we can't fix those types yet. If not, I need the EBOOT, and any .self/.sprx files and I'll give it a try.

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    here you go bluebomb i didn't see any sdat files

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    Jul 2012
    i used scetool and was able to patch eboot and 5 .sprx files in folder "dll" however , i also got through the menu and as i started a campaign , black screen. so , i dug deeper. found 3 .BIN files in different places in usrdir. one is in USRDIR>abilities> abilities.BIN 13KB . the other 2 are in USRDIR>animation>projects>rerc.BIN 281KB , and USRDIR>animation>scenes>rerc.BIN 442KB.

    couldn't decrypt any of them , tried renaming changing file type ... nothing. also , in the USRDIR directory is a file "install marker". this is what is says in notepad "This is the install marker it can only come from an install of the original game, it *must not* be included in any patch releases. See installer.cpp "

    not sure if any of this is important ...

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    I'm curious to know if I'm the only one having XCOM: Enemy Unknown game issues, all of a sudden the screen just scrambles up and down with both duplex and HR releases I'm on 3.41 dongle. I tried updating to version 1.01 but couldn't fix the eboot it seemed. Anyone know whats the deal if the new update fixes this issue?

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    So far it looks like a no go. I have 1 method left to try. It may be tomorrow before I get back to you. I'll let you know.

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    ok thank you bluebomb

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    I have downloaded this update and tested it... works like a charm

    Thanks Bluebomb!

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    COD Black ops 2 BLES01717 eboot fix for 3.55

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    babyjoe00069 do you have links for the game?

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